Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List

Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List

Here is Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List. So in this Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List we will update the non-scheduled holidays too.

We will also give you the timely updates of other all of sudden holidays declared by Nepal government.

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Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List

So we will inform you about the public holidays declared by home ministries Nepal. There may be several incidents throughout the year which Nepal government declare as public holiday.

That is why we keep this page up to date for your information. Therefore if you want to get the recent updates about Nepal 2075 Public Holidays List just like our official Facebook page.

2075/2018 Public Holidays List

11 Jan/ Poosh 27ThuPrithvi Jayanti
15 Jan / Magh 1MonMaghe Sankranti
18 Jan / Magh 4ThuSonam Losar
30 Jan / Magh 16TueMartyrs’ Day
13 Feb / Falgun 1TueMaha Shivaratri
16 Feb / Falgun 4FriGhyalpo Losar
19 Feb / Falgun 7MonPrajatantra Diwas
8 Mar / Falgun 24ThuInternational Women’s Day
17 Mar / Chaitra 3SatGhode Jatra
 24 Mar / Chaitra 10 SatChaitye Dashain
25 Mar / Chaitra 11SunRam Navami
14 Apr / Baishek 1SatNepali New Year
24 Apr / Baishek 11TueLoktantra Diwas
30 Apr / Baishek 17MonBuddha Jayanti
1 May / Baishek 18TueLabour Day
29 May / Jestha 15TueGanatantra Diwas
15 Jun / Asar 1FriRamjan Edul Fikra
22 Aug / Bhadra 6WedEdul Aajaha
26 Aug / Bhadr 10SunRaksha Bandhan*
2 Sep / Bhadra 17MonShree Krishna Janmashtami*
7 Sep / Bhadra 22FriNijamati Sewa Diwas*
12 Sep / Bhadra 27WedHartalika Teej
14 Sep / Bhadra 29FriRishi Panchami
19 Sep / Aswin 3WedConstitution Day
24 Sep / Aswin 8MonIndra Jatra
10 Oct / Aswin 24WedGhatasthapana*
16 Oct / Aswin 30TueFulpati
17 Oct / Aswin 31WedMaha Ashtami
18 Oct / Kartik 1ThuMaha Navami
19 Oct / Kartik 2FriVijaya Dashami
20 Oct / Kartik 3SatEkadashi
21 Oct / Kartik 4
23 Oct / Kartik 6TueKojagrat Purnima
7 Nov / Kartik 21WedLaxmi Puja
8 Nov / Kartik 22ThuGovardhan Puja
9 Nov / Kartik 23FriBhai Tika
13 Nov / Kartik 27TueChhath Puja
23 Nov / Mangsir 7FriGuru Nanak Jayanti
22 Dec / Poosh 7SatUdhauli Parva
25 Dec / Poosh 10TueChristmas Day
30 Dec / Poosh 15SunTamu Losar

 Rashifal 2075 in Nepali 

Nepal Public Holidays 

As soon as Nepal government publishes the list of public holidays for the year 2075 we will update it over here. Basically the ministry of information and communication provides such information to the public.

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Tradition of Nepal Banda in Nepal

Though such kinds of blockade is not in the favor of any one still we face Nepal band time and often. It is not the public holiday however Nepal band badly affects the people life.

So it is our attempt to inform you about Nepal band so that you can arrange your schedule.

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Basically the tourists and travellers are badly affected. So if you are pre inform about the Nepal band at least you can make your working schedule accordingly.

New Year 2075 Calendar

Hence from this article we do not want to encourage the Nepal band but it is our attempt just to make the people aware of it. The most important thing for the welfare of the Nation is Nepal band should be ended forever.

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Many decisions are made but none of the political party follows it honestly. So we would like to suggest all the political parties of Nepal to think about the modern Nepal and its construction rather than Banda.

If we are able to attract tourist by making good environment for travel in Nepal that will be more than enough. Tourist industry itself generates employment. So this god gifted natural beauty can be the boon for the country.

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