Instructions for DV 2022; DV New Rules

Instructions for DV 2022

On September the state government released Instructions for DV 2022. This instruction includes how to apply for the DV lottery 2022.

Instructions for DV 2022

The diversity visa lottery 2022 starts from October 7 2020 and goes till 10 November 2020. Similarly the state government is going to provide 55,000 DV visas. But the single country will not get more than 7 percent of the total visa. DV is completely random selection lottery program. Computer selects the dv winners under the customized software.

2022 DV Registration Steps

DV lottery is completely the official program of the state government. So there is no cost for applying the DV lottery. This diversity visa lottery program provides the possibility to get the green card for the immigrants of low migrated nations.

Basically the people from countries with historically low immigration to United States are eligible for the DV lottery program.  

DV Lottery Visa

It is not sure that the lottery winners will get the visa. So for this the applicant must meet the criteria. If you are not able to meet the requirements then US embassy will not grant visa to the lottery winners. What are the requirements for the visa? It is always a big question to all the dv lottery candidates.

List of Ineligible Countries for DV Lottery

From Asia

Bangladesh, China including Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Philippines

Rest of Asian Countries

Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, United Kingdom and its dependent territories and Vietnam.

Requirements for DV Lottery Qualification

  • You must be the citizen of eligible nations. But wherever you live now it does not matter you can apply for the lottery.
  • Minimum high school education. That is you must have 12 years of formal education. If you do not have education you need minimum two years of work experience.

Applicants should submit the electronic application. Paper filled entry and incomplete applications are not accepted.

At the same time one can submit only one application form. So if you fill more than one application form it leads to disqualification of your lottery application form.

DV 2022 Result

You can check the DV Result on or after 8 May 2021. So keep your confirmation number safe to check the online result. The state government does not inform you about the DV result 2022.

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