Hyundai Cars Nepal Price List

hyundai cars Nepal price list

Hyundai cars are very much popular in Nepali market. Here we are going to include the Hyundai cars Nepal price list. It provides the user to manage their budget. Hyundai cars Nepal price list includes the all taxes to be charged to the user. This Hyundai cars Nepal price list is taken from the authorized dealer of Nepal.

 Hyundai Cars Nepal Price List

Hyundai Cars Nepal Price List



EON Dlite Plus


814 cc Petrol 1756000
Era Plus


814 cc Petrol 1896000
Magna Plus 1.0 998 cc Petrol 2076000
2 I 10 1.1 Magna 1.1 1086 cc Petrol 2296000


Grand i10 Magna 1.2 1197 cc Petrol 2656000
Sportz 1197 cc Petrol 2826000
Asta 1197 cc Petrol 3056000
4 Elite i 20 Magna 1197 cc Petrol 3096000
Sportz 1197 cc Petrol 3356000
Asta 1197 cc Petrol 3496000
5 Xcent Base 1197 cc Petrol 2756000
S 1197 cc Petrol 3096000
Sxo 1197 cc Petrol 3496000
6 VERNA 1.6 [O] 1591 CC Petrol 4196000
7 I 20 active S 1197 CC Petrol 3696000
S DLS 1396 CC Petrol 4196000
SX DLS 1396 CC Petrol 4556000









BASE 1.6 1591 CC Petrol 4156000
S 1.6 1591 CC Petrol 4556000
SX + 1.6 1591 CC Petrol 5156000
SX+[ AUTOMATIC] 1591 CC Petrol 5556000
BASE 1.4 DLS 1396 CC Diesel 4556000
SX + 1.6 DLS 1582 CC Diesel 5756000
SX+ 1.6 DLS [ AUTOMATIC 1582 CC Diesel 6156000
SX [O] 1.6 DLS 1591 CC Diesel 6096000
9 TUCSON GLS Petrol [low Trim] 1998 cc Petrol 8196000
GLS Diesel Auto low Trim 1995 CC Diesel 9196000
GLS Disel Auto high Trim 1995 CC Diesel 10296000
GLS Petrol Auto high Trim 1995 CC Petrol 9296000
10 SANTA FE GLS AUTO HIGH TRIM 2199 Diesel 12296000

Hyundai Cars Price List

The price list mention above is the price list of December 2016. If you are thinking about purchasing car please first collects all the details of several model of different companies. So take the entire information before making concrete decision.

This list of price of Hyundai cars will also help you a lot for making your decision. It certainly gives you some ideas to decide your choice. Basically the beginners are found in confusion about purchasing the car.

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Important Points to Remember While Buying Cars  

  • See the number cylinders of the vehicle
  • Be familiar about the facility available in the vehicle
  • Make sure about the availability of the spare parts
  • Know about the cost of spare parts
  • Talk about the cars to the previous users

Things to Remember While Driving Car

  • Drive with great concentration
  • Never mix two D that is drink + drive
  • Always following the lane and other traffic rules
  • Use your seat belts properly
  • Maintain your car regularly
  • Never neglect the repair of car though it is minor

If we just follow the above points many accidents in the car can be omitted. Hence follow the rule and regulation while driving vehicle so that we should not regret later. It is said that prevention is better than cure also keep this thing in your mind while driving the car.

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