Best Second Hand Car Buying Tips

second hand car buying tips

Here we are going to talk about second hand car buying tips. These second hand car buying tips help you a lot to make correct decision. Few decades back cars were supposed as the means of luxury. Now the time has changed. Nowadays cars are nearly taken as necessities good. Basically in the urban use of car is rapidly increasing. There are several reasons behind it. Some the genuine reasons for the increasing use of car are as follow.

Why Use of Car is Increasing?

  • Increase in the liquidity circulation in the market
  • Use of remittance in the luxurious goods
  • Increase in the valuation of land
  • Improved purchasing power of the people

These fresh users of car are being attracted towards used cars. Mainly the middle class car user prefers used cars. Firstly the costs of used cars are quite low as compared to new one. Secondly the learner driver prefers used one as the engine of such cars is already setup.

Best Second Hand Car Buying Tips

Check the frame of the car:

The physical out look of the car should be in form. Keep the car in the plain surface and check its frame. If the frame in not in its normal form it might have been in collision.

Examine the dent and paint:

See the color of the car minutely. If certain part of the car is little shining than it might be the recently sprayed one. So look at the paint of car properly.

See inside the car:

Inspect the seats and other interior properly. Check either the seat belts are in order or not. Examine both audio and AC system are working or not.

Check the lights and electric circuits:

Test the headlights and other lights. Examine either they are in order or not.

More on Second Hand Car Buying Tips

Tyres and Disc:

Inspect the tyres and disc properly. See either there is sign of welding in the disc or not. Welded disc are dangerous for car.

Inspect the history of car:

Before purchasing the used car find its history. Who was the previous user of the car is very much crucial. It plays vital role in the life of car. If the car is used with proper maintenance it elongates the life of car.

Important Second Hand Car Buying Tips is Test drive:

Before you set off the test drive check the steering play. If possible take the car in the highway. Shift the car in different manual car. Check the function of each gear. Check the slip of clutch if any. Keep the radio off and try to listen the noise of engine if any.

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