Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions

Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions

Here we have few sets of Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions. So class 8 students can practice these Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions.

Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions

Basically optional mathematics starts from class nine only. However many English medium schools start teaching optional mathematics from grade 8 itself.

Hence to full fill the demand of students for Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions we have prepare this practice sets.

Grade 8 DLE Optional Math Questions [Set 1]

District Level Examination

Class 8                                                                                                 Full Marks: 50

Subject: Opt. Mathematics        Time: 1 hour 30 minutes       Pass Marks: 16

Attempt all questions

Group A (110 =10)

  1. (a) In a right angled triangle, one of acute angle is 40g. Find the other acute angle in        grade.
  2. (b)   Through what angle in degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 20 minutes Complete the following:

                 (i)   sin (900-A) =                           (ii) sec (900– B) =

                (e)  On which axis do the following points lie?

                 (i)   (-7,0) and                                (ii) (0,10)

(f)  Find the coordinate of the midpoint of the line joining the points M(2,14) and N(10,-4).

(h)  Match the following:

(i)   Negative quarter turn           (a) Rotation through 900 clockwise. (ii)  Positive quarter turn            (b) Rotation through 900 anticlockwise

(i)   What do you mean by primary data?

(j)      Find the mode of the following data: 3,9,6,3,6,6,9,6,3

Group B (2×10=20)

2. (i) Convert 1400 into radian measure.

         (ii)     Find each interior of an octagon.

        (iv)    If  =, find the value of 2sinα  +1.

  • Find the distance between the following pair of points: J(6,-2) and K(7,3).
  • Find the coordinates of the points which divides internally the line joining D(-3,-4) and E(2,5) in the ratio of 1:2.
  • The marks of 10 students of a class are 46, 51, 62, 70, 35, x, 50, 83, 65, 52. If the average mark is 55, find x.
  • Find the upper quartile (Q3) from the following data: 16, 4, 18, 20, 35, 10, 15, 40.

Group C (4×5 = 20)

  1. Find the value of: 3 sin2 600 + cot2 300 – 2 cosec2 600 – tan2 300.
  2. Prove that the following points are the vertices of an isosceles triangle.

               A(0,4), B (3,-3) and C (-3,-3)

  1. If A(4,-1), B(2,2) and C(6,1) are vertices of triangle ABC, then find the image triangle after the rotation through 900 about the center at origin. Show your work on a graph.
  2. From the following frequency distribution find the mean.
Marks obtained0-2020-4040-6060-8080-100
No. of students46101812

DLE Science Questions 

DLE Optional Math Questions [Set 2]

District Level Examination

Class: 8                                                                                       F.M.: 50

Subject: Opt. Mathematics      Time:  1:30 hours              P.M.: 20

Answer all questions:

Group ‘A’ (9×2=18)

  • If the ordered pairs  and (12, 5) are equal, find x and y.
  • Find the distance between A(-1, 1) and B(3, 3).
  • So find the images of and  after reflection through x-axis.
  • Find the median of 30, 10, 40, 5, 50 and 20.

Group ‘B’ (4×8=32)

  1. Rationalize and simplify:
  2. Prove that and  are the vertices of a parallelogram ABCD.
  3. DABC with vertices A(3, 5), B(7, 4) and C(5, 9) is rotated through angle of 900 in positive direction about origin. Find the image and plot both the figures on the graph paper.
  4. Find the mean of the following data
No. of students5101898
  1. Find the coordinates of a point which divides the line segment joining (1, 2) and (2, 3) in the ratio 4:3 externally.
  2. Prove that the points A(6, 4), B(2, 4) and C(6, 7) are the vertices of an isosceles triangle.

These are the sample questions only. So if would like to practice more such questions be in touch with us. We also provide online free service via our Facebook page.

Finally we would like to express best of luck to all the DLE candidates.

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