GBS Hostel Life

gbs hostel

Gandaki Boarding School which is well known as GBS is located at lamachaur, Pokhara of western development region of Nepal.

Here we discuss about GBS Hostel life. It was established 50 years back by the joint effort of local people of Lamachaur area, shining hospital Pokhara and the then His Majesty’s government.

How is Hostel Life in GBS ???

It has nearly 270 ropanies of land in its premises. It is running under the GBS GCES trust. It is the nonprofit making organization.

It is different than other private boarding schools. It was boy’s boarding school in its early days. Since 1985 AD the school has opted co-education.

Know More about GBS Life

GBS has two categories of students namely boarders and day students. Day students are from local area of Pokhara valley.

Boarders are either from distant places or some are local too. There are students from 43 different districts of Nepal.

These boarder students remain in 10 different hostels of the school. Among them 7 hostels are for boys and 3 for girls.

Details About GBS

In each hostel there remains a hostel parent. Hostel parents are in the same resident with the students.

Though they have their own apartment but the building is the same.

GBS Hostel Life

 The daily life of hostel students begins from 5:45am with a long rising bell. From 6:15 to 6:40 am they have their breakfast in the dining hall.

After the breakfast all the boarder student go to their respective classes for the morning study hour. It goes for one hour.

When the study hour is over there will be class room cleaning and hostel cleaning on the basis of duty roster. Students are responsible to keep class room as well as hostel clean.

Morning meal starts at 8:30 am and goes up 50 minutes. After having morning meal students get ready to go for normal lessons in the school.

Daily Life at GBS

Khaja is served for both day and boarders in the school itself. The school is over at 4:00 pm. After school and before evening meal students keep on playing and busy in different club activities.

Having their evening meal at around 5:35 pm they again go to their class room for the evening study hour. It last for one hour and fifteen minutes.

At last after the completion of evening study students take milk and biscuits as supper in the dining hall. Senior student remain for one hour hostel study for 9 pm to10 pm in their respective hostels.

In this way one day of boarder students completes in GBS.

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