Free Trigonometry Questions Answers

free trigonometry questions answers

Here you can find free trigonometry questions answers. These free trigonometry questions answers are prepared by well experienced teachers. So such online materials are very useful in teaching learning process.

Who are benefited by such free trigonometry questions answers?

Students are highly benefited from these materials. Similarly teachers can use it in their daily teaching learning process. Students can use it as digital materials in different digital media. Like multimedia teacher can use this material.

Online trigonometry questions answers for students

Basically grade ten students can use it for board level exam preparation. Similarly grade ten students can forward their problem to us. Our expert team will solve the problem and reply it.

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This may be the most advanced article for math students. Mathematics teachers and students can also add their idea in the comment section given below. Similarly we have included the tips for learning trigonometry in our previous article. You might have gone through it.

How to make trigonometry learning effective?

Learning trigonometry needs some special preparation. As you know that trigonometry consists of many formula and relation. So students must learn these formulas and relations properly

Some important trigonometry questions

  1.  The elevation of the top of a tower of height 60m from the two places on the same horizontal line due to east of it are 600 and 450. Find the distance between the two points.
  2. Prove by vector method that angle at the semi-circle is a right angle.
  3. The measurement of the angle of elevation of a cloud 60m above the lake is 360 and the measure of the angle of depression of its reflection in the lake is 550. Find the height of the cloud.
  4. Prove by using vector method that the middle point of hypotenuse is equidistance from the vertices.
  5. A statue stands on the top of a column. The angles subtended by the column and statue at a point 100m away from the foot of the column are 450 and 150 respectively. Find the height of the statue.
  6. Prove that the lines joining the middle points of the sides of a quadrilateral taken in order is a parallelogram.

Some Solved trigonometry questions

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