Fast English Speaking Course; Online English Course

Fast English Speaking Course

It is fast English speaking course. This fast English speaking course is both online and offline learning courser.

Hence you can take part in this online fast English speaking course free of cost.

How to Take Part in Fast English Speaking Course?

It is easy to take part in online learning course. Just download the questionnaires given in this page and reply the questions. Then submit your answer to us.

Similarly if you want to participate on offline course then see our previous work sheet on English learning course.

Some Important Phrases While Learning English

Learning English is easy among other languages. However you must have good practice on speaking to learn the language.

Do not hesitate while speaking. We always learn from mistake.

So if it is wrong while speaking the other will correct you hence go on speaking.

Easy Steps to Learn English

#1 Speak English Daily

So to learn English language you must at least speak English daily. Try to talk in the group. Speaking skill will be developed by speaking the language itself.

#2 Try to Make Correct Pronunciation

Correct pronunciation is very important while learning English. Hence for the correct pronunciation listen to the English news in radio television. Similarly you can watch English move to correct your pronunciation.

#3 Expand your Vocabulary

The best way to expand your vocabulary is to go through English dictionary. Open the oxford English dictionary at least three or four times daily.

The new word you thus learn must be used in sentence while speaking English.

#4 Maintain your Diary in English

So if you try to maintain your diary in English it will help to improve your writing skill. At the same time your vocabulary will also be better.

Phrases Used in Hospital

Health / Hospital

altitude sicknesslekh laagyo
asthmadamko byathaa/ damko biraami
bleedingragat aaunu
blood pressureRakta chaap
contraceptivegarbha nirodhak
constipationdisaa banda/ dishaa kadaa
common coldrughaa
a cut/ woundghaau
dehydrationpaaneeko maatraa kamti bhayeko.
food poisoningkhaanaa kharaab.
faintMurchhaa parnu
sore throatghaantee dukheko
headachetaauko dukhnu
toothachedaanta dukhyo
dentistdaantako daaktar
I have a cold.Malaaee rugaa laageko chha.
Gravely illsikeesta biraamee
Where is the health post/ clinic/ hospital?Chikitsaalay/ aspataal kahaan chha?
Where is the chemist/ pharmacy?Aushadi pasal kahaan chha?
Where is the dentist?Daanto ko daaktar kahaan chha?
I have to see a doctor.Ma daaktarkomaa jaanu chha.
I have caught a fever.Malaaee joro aayo.
Did you take any medicine?Aushadhi khaanu bhayo?
I am feeling fine now.Ahile ma theek bhayeko mahasus gareko chhu.

These are the some basic ideas for fast English speaking course. More than this you need the keen interest for learning English language.

The burning desires always push you forward in course of learning English language.

Keep on speaking English and keep on smiling. If you have missed our previous article regarding learning English language once go through them.

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