Rapidex English Speaking Course

Rapidex English Speaking Course

Rapidex English Speaking Course helps you to speak English fluently. So this Rapidex English Speaking Course if for beginners to well-known learners.

Some people having good knowledge of English also cannot talk in English confidently. Hence this online Rapidex English Speaking Course will help you to build up your confidence. So we suggest you to do regular practice on speaking English.

Online Rapidex English Speaking Course

Language will be perfect only by speaking. Hence keep on participating of group discussion in English for better speaking skill. We have discussed in our earlier article about the steps for fast English speaking skill. Therefore if you are new visitor for this site do not forget to check our previous articles about speaking English.

Writing and Speaking are Different Skills

A good writer may not be the good speaker. Similarly a good speaker may not be perfect writer. Hence you can develop speaking skill just by watching English movies, listening to the English program in radio etc. at the same time you need good vocabulary for better speech. So to widen your English vocabularies keep a small pocket English dictionary yourself.

Tips for English Beginners  

Well if you are the beginners for English no matter. Continuous practice will make you perfect English language speaker. So first of all learn some important words and phrases. It is better to classify the words and phrases used in different sectors. Like the terms we use in kitchen are different than the terms used in hospital. Hence make category of words and phrases.

Some Terms of Greeting

English                                                                    Nepali Phrases

Hi!                                                                              Namaste

Good morning!                                                             Suva Pravath

Good afternoon!                                                           Suva din

Good evening!                                                             Suva sandhya

Welcome! (to greet someone)                                       Swagat Cha

Hello my friend!                                                           Namaste maro sathi

How are you? (friendly)                                               Tapailai Kasto Cha?

How are you? (Polite)                                                  Hajur Kasto Hunu Huncha?

I’m fine, thank you!                                                     Malai Sanchai cha, dhanyabad

And you? (Friendly)                                                     Ani Tapailai?

And you? (Polite)                                                         Ani Hajurlai?

Good                                                                          Ramro

Not so good                                                                Tati ramro chaina

Long time no see                                                         Dharai vayo Bhet navayako

I missed you                                                               Maile Tapailai samje

What’s new?                                                                Ke cha Khabar?

Nothing new                                                                Naya kahai chaina

Thank you (very much)!                                               Dharai Dhanyabad

You’re welcome! (For “thank you”)                                Tapai Lai Swagat Cha

My pleasure                                                                Huss

Come in! (Or: enter!)                                                  Vitra aunu Hoss

Make yourself at home!                                               Ghar Jastai Thannu Hola

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