EPS 2022 Exam Notice !!!

Are you thinking of Korea? Well, do not miss this opportunity. Here we have EPS 2022 Exam Notice. Korea is going to take migrant workers in new sectors.

Apply Now

Complete your online application form for the Korean language exam test. However just passing this language test does not confirm the job in Korea. You have to complete other practical test based on your selection of the job.

EPS 2022 Exam Notice

We have attached the details about the new sectors for the EPS TOPIK job. Hence go through it for the complete knowledge.

How to Apply EPS TOPIK Exam?

It is online application. So you do not have to stand in queue for long time. In the past people used to remain in the queue for several hours to submit the exam application form. Well now we are going to talk on some questions searched by many people.

NB: EPS TOPIK Notice Coming Soon

Is EPS TOPIK free?

You have to pay exam fee to take this Korean Language test. Therefore the exam is not free. However it is easy to pay fee via digital wallets. There are many digital wallets in Nepal you can choose one of them.

How often is TOPIK exam?

Generally the government of Korea organizes this EPS exam thrice a year. People can take this EPS exam in Korea as well as outside Korea. But due to pandemic of virus the normal schedule is out of order right now.

When can I take TOPIK exam?

You have to submit the online application form to take this exam. Later on you will get the exam center details. All the questions and exam materials are from Korea itself. Similarly, Korean government publishes the result in its official web page.

Is EPS topik exam easy?

It is up to your preparation. If you have good preparation then it is easy otherwise it might be hard. Hence we suggest you guys to make your exam preparation sharp.

2022 EPS Exam Date

Due to pandemic the exam date for Nepal is undecided. But you can hope that it will publish soon.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the examinees for the best result.

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