EDV Winners Name List

EDV 2021 Winners Name list

Here is EDV Winners Name list. The diversity visa lottery is the only easiest way to get permanent resident in America.

EDV Winners Name list

There are several rounds for the selection of diversity visa lottery hence the first round selection does not hundred percent guaranteed for the visa. It is because you have to face more other rounds of selection for the visa lottery.  

EDV Winners Name List

DV Winners from Nepal

The state government is sole responsible for the dv lottery result publication. Therefore never go after fraud agents for the visa lottery. Time and often we have been getting information that some fake people are asking for money to grant the dv lottery.

It is totally fraud no one can grant you visa lottery beside the state government official source.

How to Check the DV Lottery Result

Follow these steps for the online EDV result. Just filling the basic details you can get the online dv result.

First of all go to the official site of dv lottery. The official page of state government for the dv result is www.dvlottery.state.gov.

  • Enter your confirmation number with family name.
  • Give the passport number in the required space.
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

EDV 2021 Online Result

The state government is now almost ready to publish the diversity visa lottery result. Hence the applicants round the world can get the online diversity visa lottery result from here. So to get the online dv result you have to follow these steps.

2021 2022 DV Result

The dv result is most awaited in Nepal and all over the world. So, millions of people are looking for the result. Now no more you have to wait for the result. All the dv lottery applicants can enjoy the dv lottery result from this page.

NB: DV lottery 2021 published in First week of June 2020.

2020 DV Winners Name List

It is the name of dv winners of the year 2020. The applicants of dv lottery for the year 2020 can check their online result till the September 2020. Hence if you want see the name and address of dv lottery winners for last year check the given list here.

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