Nepal Diesel Petrol LP Gas Price Today

Nepal Diesel Petrol LP Gas Price

Nepal Diesel Petrol LP Gas Price is available in the table below. Here we give the updated price list of petroleum products in Nepal.

Nepal Diesel Petrol LP Gas Price

The state owned the only organization for the trading of petroleum products has recently adjusted the price Diesel Petrol LP Gas. According to the latest price schedule Nepal Oil Cooperation has increased the price of diesel petrol and Kerosene by two rupees per liter.

The new price list is effective from December 2 2019.

The New Price of Diesel and Petrol updated in 1 January 2020

NOC has reviewed the price of Diesel and petrol and Kerosene by increasing Rs. two per liter by mid night of 1 January 2020.

Nepal Diesel Petrol LP Gas Price Price List

FuleType                                        Quantity Price NRs.
Petrol(MS) per liter 109
Diesel(HSD) per liter 97
Kerosene(SKO) per liter 97
LP Gas per cylinder 1350
Aviation Fuel    
Aviation Turbine Fuel per liter 94.50(Duty Paid)
Aviation Turbine Fuel(Jet A-1) per Kilolitre USD 1000.00 (Bonded)

Daily Foreign Exchange Rate

Nepal Rastra Bank is the central bank of Nepal. It is the only bank to control the money in circulation in the country. Nepal Rastra Bank has its own exchange rate. But according to the provision of NRB the exchange rate of commercial bank may differ. Hence different commercial bank has own exchange rate.

Fruits and Vegetables Daily Price List in Nepal

The price of fruits and vegetables varies daily. Basically the middle man plays vital role in the fruits and vegetables market. Next the demand and supply obviously determine the price of commodities in the market.

The price of onion has made the record in Nepali market. In the retail market it is nearly rupees two hundred per kg for the dry onion. As the neighboring country India stop the export of onion the price has increased sky rocketing in Nepal.

Gold and Silver Daily Price in Nepal

The next important commodity market in Nepal is the bullion market. There is nearly 40 kg per day demand of yellow metal in Nepal. But this demand varies in different months. Like in the season of marriage ceremony the demand of gold goes up while its demand in other months remains normal.

How to USE LP Gas Correctly?

Are using the gas cylinder properly? Never invert the cylinder. Keep the cylinder on the bricks of wooden piece to keep it safe from freezing during winter.

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