Land Reform in Revolutionary Nepal

land reform

Land reform  in Nepal is always in hot discussion. The distribution of agricultural land in many poor and developing countries is  inequitable. It gives rise to social tension and imbalanced development.  Which causes  extreme poverty. The gap between rich and poor goes on increasing. Therefore Handful of people bagged the major portion of fertile land. These exploitation imbalances are legacies of colonialism. Which also causes  institutionalized feudalism.

It creates serious threats to future prosperity. Hence may also causes threat on sustainable peace. Land reform in many poor agrarian societies is not wise. Donor driven development projects are  not able to reach the targeted people. On the other hand they have high overhead cost.The large amount of project goes back to the donor’s country. We have to hire costly technician from Donation receiving countries. Hence large amount flows back to donor countries.

Land Reform in Revolutionary Nepal

In the context of Nepal most of the farmers are without their own land. In other words they do not own the land. They are making some other so called elite more and more rich. Nepal is one of the most relevant countries in this issue. There is always debate of land reform in Nepal.

Features of Nepal

  • This small mountainous nation land locked and sandwiched between the giants of China and India.
  • It is a home of nearly 30 million people.
  • Nearly 50 percent of the people in Nepal are still below the poverty line.
  • Data shows that 80 percent of the land in Nepal is uncultivated.
  • Where as three quarters of population depends on agriculture for their livelihood.

Therefore government must hold the land for nation’s development. Land should not be used for business such as buying and selling. There should be modern farming. Government must stop dividing of land. The consumption based farming should be replaced by commercial farming.  In the present situation all Nepali are farmers. All farmers are Nepali.

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