DV Result 2024 in Nepal !!!

DV Result 2024 in Nepal

State government and the department of dv program publish the EDV online Result. Here we discuss steps to check DV Result 2024 in Nepal.

EDV Winners List

It is the list of DV winners from Nepal. Check your result from this list.

DV Result 2024 in Nepal    

Millions are waiting for the EDV result 2024. Well just follow these steps to get online diversity visa lottery result. DV program is now almost ready to publish the result. The stipulated time for the dv lottery result 2024 is May 6 2023.   

How to Check DV Result in Nepal?

The only way to get the dv result is the official page of dv program. It is dvprogram.state.gov. There is no any other ways to get the online diversity visa lottery results.

EDV Winners from Nepal

The state government does not publish the list of dv winners. DV program does not send you the email about the dv lottery result. Hence if you get mails telling you won the lottery it might be the fake email. You must not open such emails. Always remain safe from such fraud events.

2024 DV Result

Online edv result for the fiscal year 2024 will be online on and after 6th May 2023. Till this time dv applicants must be patient. There is no any other notice for the edv result 2024. Therefore we can expect the dv lottery result for 2024 by this given date and time.

EDV Result Date and Time

We have mentioned the date and time for the dv lottery in this article. Hence dv applicants from Nepal can get their online result in the official website of the dv program.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about diversity visa lottery result.

  • How to check EDV Result?
  • When will dv result published?
  • Can I get the dv lottery result in my email?
  • How much does it cost to submit the dv lottery application form?
  • Can I get dv result without confirmation number?
  • List of dv winners from Nepal
  • EDV 2024 Result Date and Time
  • What to do if the confirmation number is lost
  • Is DV 2025 open for Nepal
  • When will dv 2025 open
  • How to fill online dv lottery application form
  • Can I submit the DV lottery from abroad

We have answered these entire questions in our previous articles. We have more than 300 articles about dv lottery. Hence you can check our previous articles to get more knowledge on diversity visa lottery result and application form.

EDV 2025 Online Application Open

As soon as the US embassy Kathmandu publishes the DV lottery online application notice we will publish it in this page. Hence remain with us to get the fresh notices and information about dv lottery.

Last Date for DV 2025

Similar to the previous years the online EDV 2025 application will go up to second week of November 2023.

EDV 2024 Result Date

The state government’s dv lottery program will publish the EDV 2024 result by May 6 2023. Hence all the dv lottery applicants from Nepal can check the online result by 9.00 pm local time on that day.

Nepali Date for EDV 2024 Result

According to Nepali calendar the DV lottery 2024 result date is Baishek 23 2080 by 9.00 pm.

Requirements for DV Lottery Result

You need these documents to check the electronic diversity visa lottery online result.

  • Confirmation number
  • Date of birth
  • Last name or family name

Entrant Status Check for EDV Result

As soon as you enter the official page of dv lottery result you will find the entrant status check page. In this page you have to fill the applicant’s basic information. Soon you complete the page submits it for the result.

Finally we would to express our best wishes to all the dv lottery applicants from Nepal. This year about 4 thousand applicants are expected to win the diversity visa lottery.

DV Lottery Easiest way to get US Green Card

The easiest way to get American card for Nepali people is the diversity visa lottery. Hence every year millions of eligible people submit their online application form. In some cases DV lottery has made the drastic change in the economic status of the DV winner’s family.

Hence DV lottery is the boon for the most Nepali citizens.

Wish you all best of luck for the upcoming DV lottery result 2024.

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