EDV Winners from Nepal

EDV Winners from Nepal

State government publish the EDV Lottery Result in the first week of May. We will provide the list of EDV Winners from Nepal.

Online DV Lottery Result 2024

Get your online diversity visa lottery result via dvprogram.state.gov. It is the only way to get dv result.

EDV Winners from Nepal

You can find the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal at the end of this article. Hence do not skip the page. Go through this article till the end. About four thousand won the dv lottery from Nepal in this fiscal year.

DV Lottery Result 2024

State government publish the EDV 2024 result by 6th May 2023. As soon as the dv program publish the online result we will notify our visitors via gbsnote.com. hence remain with us for all kinds of dv lottery related notices and information.

How to Check Online DV lottery Result

There is no any other way beside the official page of the state government to get the online dv lottery result. Here are the steps for the dv lottery result.

  • First of all, go to internet browser
  • Search dvprogram.state.gov
  • Tap on check status in this page
  • Proceed to continue from this page
  • Now you will reach to the page title enter the entrant information
  • Provide the confirmation, date of birth and the family name
  • Finally submit this detail for the online result.

EDV History in Nepal

The dv lottery history is long enough. The dv program was started from 1995 in Nepal. Till then thousands of Nepali citizens migrated to America under the dv lottery program. In the early days it was hard copy application. Applicants have to send the hard copy of the dv lottery application form via post office.

Now time has changed. Now dv lottery has changed to EDV lottery. It means dv lottery program is now electronic application. You cannot submit the hard copy of the application form. It must in the digital form. 

DV Winners from Nepal

We have the data of dv lottery winners in different fiscal years. So, you can access this information from our previous articles. Therefore, we are not going to repeat the same in this article as well.

List of DV Winners from Nepal

EDV winners list is yet to come. We will prepare this list soon after the dv lottery publication.

We are not the agent of authorized organization to give the dv lottery result. But it is our attempt to provide the list of dv winners by our own attempt. Therefore, the best way to get the dv lottery result is the official page of the state government.

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