DV Lottery 2024 Result

Nepal DV Lottery 2024 Result

Nepal DV Lottery 2024 Result is now ready to publish. According to the state government EDV Result 2024 will be published by 6th May 2023.

EDV 2024 Final Result

The state government has published the DV lottery result date. It is going to publish the online diversity visa lottery 2024 result by 6th May 2023. According to the source the result is almost ready to publish.

How to Check DV Result?

Just follow these steps to get online dv lottery result. DV program does not send you mail telling that you won the lottery. Hence the only way to get the dv lottery result is its official website. The official web page for the result is dvprogram.state.gov.

  • Visit official website of dv program.
  • Tap on entrant status check button
  • Fill the personal details with confirmation number
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

Nepal DV Lottery 2024 Result

Millions are waiting for the diversity visa lottery result 2024. It is most awaited result in Nepal. There are several reasons behind it. Like it is free to apply. Similarly, it is the easiest way to get American green card which will let you to live and work in USA.

2024 DV Result

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. All of us know that the state government does not produce the list of dv winners. However, it is our attempt to collect the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal.

EDV Winners Name List

State government also prepare the list of dv winners but it takes time. It produces the dv winners after few months of result publication. Hence it will not be effective the dv lottery applicants.

Requirements for EDV Result

You need these documents to check the online DV lottery result. Without these details you will not be able to find the online diversity visa lottery result.

  • Confirmation Number: It is the unique 16 digits number that you have received during the online application of the dv lottery form.
  • Date of birth: It must be according to your passport
  • Family Name or last name

How to Check EDV Result 2024?

Similar to the previous dv lottery you can find the online dv lottery result. But if you are the new applicant then go through these steps properly.

  • First of all, go to dvprogram.state.gov
  • Find the entrant status page in the website
  • Give the family details as mentioned above
  • Finally submit it for the online result.

EDV Result Date and Time

EDV 2024 result is scheduled for May 6 2023. Hence all the dv lottery applicants can check their online result following the normal procedure on and after this date. Just fill online dv lottery result form to get the early notification for the dv result.

Frequently Asked Question about DV Lottery

  • How to fill online dv lottery form
  • When will EDV 2025 begins
  • Is edv 2024 result out
  • List of EDV winners from Nepal
  • How much does online dv lottery application form cost?
  • DV Result date for EDV 2024

Name List of DV Winners from Nepal

As mentioned above the department of dv lottery does not publish the list of dv winners. It is our attempt to collect the name of dv lottery winners from Nepal. We have been doing this for several years. However we are not the agent or any official organization to work on dv lottery.

2025 EDV Online Application Form

2025 diversity visa lottery online application begins from the first week of October 2023. More details about EDV online application form are available in our previous articles.

Live and Work in USA under Working Visa

If you have not been selected in the dv lottery do not worry. You can live and work in USA under the working visa. Every year the state government provides thousands of seasonal working visas for the foreigners. It is easy to make online application for the work permit visa job in America.

Seasonal Working Visa job in USA

Basically during the harvest time USA enrolls foreigners in the agriculture sector. There is shortage of agriculture labors in America. It cannot be fulfilled by the domestic market. Hence to balance the labor shortage state government provides seasonal working visa. It is of six months only.

Features of DV Lottery

DV lottery provides the following facility to the winners.

  • Green Card for 5 years, it must be renewed every five years
  • Live and work in USA
  • Will be eligible for the citizenship application

2024 Diversity Visa Lottery Result

American government publishes the EDV 2024 result by 6th May 2023 9:00 local time. On that day the server might be over busy. Hence if you face such problem then be patient for the moment. It is natural that due to high traffic at once the result server cannot support the huge traffic.

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