DV 2024 Application Date !!!

DV 2024 Application Date

Here we have some questions about DV 2024 Application Date. So get details about EDV 2024 online application date and time from Nepal.

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Submit EDV Form

You can submit the diversity visa lottery online form via the official page of the state government. There is no any other way to submit the DV lottery form. Hence do not move here and there for the online dv lottery form.

DV 2024 Application Date

EDV 2024 online application begins from the first week of October. Generally it lasts for five weeks. But we kindly suggest submitting the online application form as early as possible. The previous experience shows that early applicants have higher probability to win the lottery.

How can I apply for 2024 DV lottery?

Online dv lottery form is available at dvlottery.state.gov. It is the official page of state government to submit online dv lottery form. Here are the steps to submit the DV 2024 Application form.

  • First of all go to dvlottery.state.gov for the online form.
  • Fill all the family details in the form.
  • Give the correct size recent digital photograph
  • Supply the passport number of the main applicant.
  • Finally check the details and submit it.
  • Print the confirmation number page or record the number

Never share this confirmation number. You need it to check the result.

Is EDV 2024 Open?

DV 2024 Application Date is close. So EDV 2024 is about to open. Whenever the US embassy Kathmandu publishes the dv application notice we will make it available in this page. We have been giving the dv lottery information since few years.

When should I apply for DV Lottery 2024?

The dv lottery application period is about five weeks. Hence you can submit the online dv form within this period. It is wise to submit the online form in the early weeks. The past results show that early applicants won more dv lottery then the late applicants.

Is DV Lottery 2024 free?

Yes, exactly it is completely free. Beside this the American government suggests not to take the help of agents or consultancy. If you have computer and internet then submit your online form yourself.

When Can I Apply for DV 2025?

It begins from October 2023. But it is not sure that Nepali will be eligible for the dv 2025. EDV 2024 might be the last dv program. Hence do not miss this opportunity. If you do not have passport get it soon. Collect all the required materials for edv lottery in advance.

Well today we discuss this much about DV 2024 Application Date. If you have any question about diversity visa lottery online applications leave it in the comment box below. Our expert’s team will support you in this regard.

Where to go for DV Application?

DV application is available in state government website. Here you can fill all the required details and submit it as mentioned above. It is easy to fill and submit this dv lottery application form.

At last we would like to express our best wishes for all the dv lottery applicants for the upcoming dv lottery.

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