DV 2022 Application from Nepal !!!

DV 2022 Application from Nepal

Here we discuss on how to fill DV 2022 Application from Nepal. Most of us have no idea to fill the dv lottery form ourselves. Hence go through this article to get the complete knowledge on dv 2022.

Am I Eligible for DV Lottery 2022?

There are only two requirements for the eligibility of DV lottery. Firstly is your birth country. The country where you have born must be eligible for the DV lottery application. Secondly is your education. You must have minimum high school level education. That is 12 years of schooling.

DV 2022 Application from Nepal

EDV 2020 application is now open. Hence the interested Nepali can apply for the dv lottery from Nepal. Here is the online diversity visa lottery form. Similarly we give the steps to make online application. Therefore you do not have to move here and there for the dv lottery application.

Valid Passport for Main Applicant

Passport is compulsory for the main applicant in EDV 2022. It was compulsory last year too. On the top of this state government is going to implement some new rules in EDV 2022. So about these new rules we have separate article. You can learn more about it in our previous article.

EDV 2022 New Rules

State government is going to implement some new rules for diversity visa lottery 2022. The bill is at the final stage for the discussion in the parliament. As soon as the parliament passes the bill it will be the rule. Do not worry about it. We will make it available in the page all the details of New DV lottery rules.

DV Lottery 2022 Results

American government publishes the DV lottery result by the first week of May 2021. But this year due to covid 19 pandemic the result was delayed by a month. However all the other process of dv lottery winners remain the same.

DV 2023 Results

We are working for the DV lottery for many years. Every year we give the timely notice for the dv lottery application. More than this we conduct the awareness virtual program about the dv lottery.

We have learnt that every year Nepali brothers and sisters are being cheated by the fraud group of people. Hence to make them aware on it we have many programs.

No Private Agency for the DV Lottery Application

You cannot apply dv lottery form from any private agency. They are all fraud. It is the official program of state government. Hence the only way to fill the dv lottery form is using official site of American government.

How to know the fake activities?

You can easily identify the fake activity in the following ways.

  • You may receive an email stating that we can help you to improve your chance to win the dv lottery.
  • Sometime they may as few hundreds dollar for the online dv lottery application which is nearly sure to win.
  • You may get the email stating that you have won the lottery and send money for the further processing.

If you get such type of email that is fake mail so you should not run after such activities. The only way to apply the dv lottery is to fill the dv form available in the website of American government.

DV Lottery Photo Size

It is very important to make correct size dv lottery photograph. Every year many applications become disqualified due to invalid size photos. Hence follow the rule and size of dv photo strictly. If you want to learn more about it please check our previous article in the title dv lottery correct size photo.

When will DV 2022 ends?

The last date for the dv lottery application is 7th November 2020 mid night. So after this you cannot make the dv lottery application.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the DV 2022 candidates for their success.

DV online form is available at www.dvprogram.state.gov

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