Diversity Visa 2020 2021 Result EDV 2020 Result

Diversity Visa 2020 Result

Diversity Visa 2020 2021 Result has published. State government has published Diversity Visa 2020 Result today.

Diversity Visa 2020 2021 Result

Millions of people are waiting for EDV result. So to fulfill the gap here we have the Diversity Visa 2020 2021 Result notice.

Though it is not the official page to get the dv lottery result we provide the timely information about it. Hence to find the online dv results check the official page of dv lottery.

DV Lottery Official Page for the Online Result

Well dvlottery.state.gov is the official page for EDV result. Here you can check the online diversity visa lottery result. Just follow the given procedure for the online DV result.

Step by Step Process for Online DV Result

So follow these steps to obtain the electronic diversity visa lottery result. First of all go to the official page of state government and follow the steps as asked in the dialogue box.

  • Enter the conformation number in the box.
  • Give your family name.
  • If required supply the email ID

So follow the above steps you can get the online dv lottery result.

How to Process for Visa Interview?

As mention above it is not the official page for dv result. We are just giving the notice about the dv lottery result over here. Hence for Diversity Visa 2020 2021 Result go to the official page. Beside this if you have any question about dv results contact us.

Similarly about expert team is ever ready to provide counseling and support for the lottery winners.

When will DV 2020 Result Publish?

State government will publish the dv result in the first week of May. Hence we suggest all the dv lottery candidates to find the online result after the firs to May 2019.

DV Lottery Fraud Cases

Sometime you may receive email telling that you won the dv lottery. It is totally fraud. So never run after such messages.

State governments never email in such way to the lottery winners. So the only way to find the EDV Result is the official page.

DV Winners Name List

At the same time we are trying to collect the name list of dv winners 2020. Hence in this regard if you have any information about the lottery winners please forward it to us.

We will include the name and address of the lottery winners in our list.

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