American DV Lottery 2020 Result Published

American DV Lottery 2020 Result

American DV Lottery 2020 Result is out now. So the applicants can check American DV Lottery 2020 Result from here.

American DV Lottery 2020 Result EDV 2020 Result

State government has published American DV Lottery 2020 Result today. This year nearly four thousands Nepalese won edv 2020 lottery. This group of people will get green card to live and work America.

How to Check the DV Result?

Follow these steps to check online diversity visa lottery. EDV 2020 result can be obtained from the official website of state government. The genuine portal of dv result is

Step by Step Process to Get DV lottery Result

  • First of all log on to
  • Enter the conformation number of the applicant
  • Give the family name where required.
  • Finally submit the above information to get online edv 2020 result.

DV 2020 Important Instructions

Diversity visa lottery is the official program of US government. So no one can grant this lottery.

Therefore if someone is asking for money to grant you the lottery it is fraud. You can report to the concerned authority for such fraud activities.

EDV 2020 Winners Name List

Here is the name list of dv lottery 2020 winners. As mentioned above this year nearly 4 thousand Nepalese won the diversity visa lottery. The following is the list of dv 2020 winners.

So you can check your name in the given list. Beside this you can also make online checking for the dv result.

Online DV Lottery 2020 Result

State government has published the dv 2020 result. It is published in its normal schedule. So the applicants of dv lottery can find the online result from here. We have given above the step by step procedure to check the dv result. So just follow the above steps go obtain the dv result.

DV Result Information via email

The dv lottery winners will get the notification in their email address as well. So the email which you have given during the online application is used to send the information.

Therefore keep on checking the email after the dv lottery result.

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