British Army IQ Questions, Mathematics IQ Questions

British Army IQ Questions

Here we have some British Army IQ Questions. We hope that this set of British Army IQ Questions helps the candidates a lot.

British Army IQ Questions about Mathematics

The candidates for British have to face intelligent questions test. So these sets of questions are prepared by subject expert. Hence the candidates willing to join the army find it much useful.   

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How to Prepare British Army Course

There are several physical tests to join British Army. Beside this you have to face written exam. Basically this written exam consists of numerical problem of Mathematics. Therefore we are giving some mathematics question for this purpose.

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Mathematics Questions for British Army

Well British Army is the Dream of Nepalese youth. So there is good craze of this job. On the top of this there are different training center for the preparation. So to support this group of youth for written exam we are giving these questions.

  • The average of first 50 natural numbers is ………

Ans: 25.5

  • A clock strikes once at 1 o’clock, twice at 2 o’clock, thrice at 3 o’clock and so on. How many times will it strike in 24 hours?

Ans: 156

  • Which is the number that gives 240 when added to its own square?

Ans: 15

  • Find the median of the given data: 13, 16, 12, 14, 19, 12, 14, 13, 14.

Ans: 14

  • Each side of a square is 62/3m long. Find its Area.

Ans :   44 m2  

  • Subtract – 8a from – 3a.

Ans: 5a

5, 16, 49, 148 then, find the next number.

Ans: 445

  • Find the odd man out: 3, 7, 15, 17, 22, 27, 29.

      Ans 22

  • If we add the number of sides in a triangle to the sum of its angles, we get?

a.183             b. 126             c. 108              d. 188

    The correct answer is a.

  • What is the two significant figures of 0.0039645?

British Army Written Exam Questions

The above are the some sample questions for the written exam. Beside this we have many sets of mathematics questions in our previous article. Hence we suggest you to check our previous articles.

Well beside this if you have any questions about mathematics contact us. Our subject expert team will solve your problems.

Finally we would like to express very best of luck for your selection process.

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