Correctly Filled DV Form

Correctly Filled DV Form

Here is Correctly Filled DV Form model. So if you are looking for Correctly Filled DV Form sample we are providing it here.

Correctly Filled DV Form

Follow these steps to fill the dv lottery form correctly. Never fill the dv application form in big rush. So take enough time for diversity visa lottery registration.

DV Lottery Part One Form

Diversity visa lottery part one form consist of personal details. The sample of the part one form is as follow.

  1. Name, here you have to give the family name surname and middle name if you have
  2. Gender it is obvious, here choose your gender.
  3. Birth Date; provide your date of birth in AD.
  4. Birth City; give your date of birth in this column.
  5. Country where you were born, in this column you have to fill your birth country.
  6. Fill the eligible country name from where you are calming the dv visa.

Passport Details in DV Lottery From

This is the new feature of the diversity visa lottery. So in this seventh number box you have to enter the details of your passport.

Like your name in the passport and passport number. Complete this portion very carefully slight error results the disqualification of the dv lottery application form.

Correct Size DV Photo

In this column provide the correct size dv lottery digital photograph. Here we strictly suggest you to make online checking of your photograph before final submission.

Mailing Address

Fill all the blank space in this title correctly. It is the address required to contact you if you are able to win the dv lottery. Hence it must the address where you can collect your letters.

Email, Country where you live today

Well in this portion you have to give your functioning email address and mention the country where you are living now. As you know that, eligible countries people can apply for online DV lottery form from every corner of the globe.

Marital Status and Number of Children

So if you are married mention the number of children. Similarly you have to complete the part two form for the kids.

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