Aaghoree Baba Husband Wife

Here is Aaghoree Baba Husband Wife mysterious life details. The viral Aaghoree baba in YouTube channel has recently got married.

 Aaghoree Baba Husband Wife

Recently the hindu monk aaghoree baba has got married. This matter is being viral in the social media. Newly married couple has a plan to operate some social trust for the wellbeing of the poor and marginalized group.

Love and affection has no age Barrier

The word love itself has no age, race and color barrier. It is the matter of understanding between two souls. Hence when people fall in love there is no necessary of physical facility. All this matter is proved in the life of this monk.

What makes Life better?

Money and physical facility never provides peace and calm in the life. During the interview of new couple you can listen all about it. How people living in the western facility escape for the peace and calm in the life you can hear in the interview of this new couple.

Best time to Relax                       

The best time to relax is when there is no time to relax. It means when you are busy at that moment couple of minutes leisure has great meaning. But if you free whole day at that moment hours and hours leisure keeps no meaning. Therefore it is said that the best time to relax is when there is no time to relax.  

How to make married life happy?

The key idea for the happy married life is the mutual understanding between husband and wife. If there is misunderstanding between the couple it creates problem in the married life. Basically both husband and wife must trust each other.

 On the other hand if you have any doubt between each other better to clear it then and there. If you accumulate such things in your mind it will certainly burst one day.  

At last but not the least if you want to learn more on how to make married life happier see our previous articles in this topic.

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