How to Teach Trigonometry?

best trigonometry teaching method

Are you looking for best trigonometry teaching method? If so then you are in right place for best trigonometry teaching method.

Best Trigonometry Teaching Method

Most of the students find trigonometry difficult. So they do not want to practice it. Hence we give the step by step process for best trigonometry teaching method. This best trigonometry teaching method is equally helpful for the students.

How to teach Trigonometry

Start your lesson from basic to complex. Never introduce many formula and relation at once. Sometime the teachers are found introducing many relations and formula at once. Similarly ask the students to learn the basic formula before starting the exercise.

Teaching as Profession

Teaching is more than a job. It is the responsibility rather than job. So it is said that students see the bright future through the window of teacher. It means the future of the youngsters is in the hand of teacher. Teacher can never be rich. Therefore if you want to be rich then quit the teaching profession. Hence we can say that goddess Saraswoti and Laxmi generally never stay together.

How to motivate students?

Before starting the lesson in the class the teacher must motivate the students towards the lesson. Only the motivated mind can take part in teaching learning process. While talking about trigonometry it requires more concentration for learning. Hence we just want to suggest you all that let us create the environment for the motivation of the students.

List of Important SEE Trigonometry Questions

Optional mathematics is the optional second paper of SEE board exam. Here we have the collection of important trigonometry question. Best trigonometry teaching method requires knowledge of grid and curriculum of the subject. SEE 2074 is the second last batch of the current curriculum. By the next year there will be change in curriculum of optional mathematics in grade 9.

New SEE Grid for Optional Mathematics

Well the new grid for SEE optional mathematics questions contain question of 1 mark and 5 marks. The current grid for this subject consist of 2 marks short questions and 4 marks long questions.

The curriculum and question grid for compulsory mathematics is already changed. Present class ten students are studying the new curriculum based text book. Hence SEE 2074 exam for compulsory mathematics will be based on new curriculum.

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