Apply Share Online Using Mero Share !!!

Apply Share Online Using Mero Share

Here we provide steps to Apply Share Online Using Mero Share. Now you do not have to remain in long queue to apply IPO.

Apply Share Online Using Mero Share

The world is being digitized day by day. Few years back you have to wait hours and hours to apply the initial public offering IPO.

But now it is easy. You can make online application via internet. So for this you need you mero share login account.

What is CASBA?

It is centralized application for ASBA. When there was no online system you have to go to your bank for the share application. But this CASBA if fully online based share application software. Therefore once you take the CRN number from the bank you can make IPO application via mobile phone or computer.

What is CRN?

It is a number given to you by your bank where you have your Demat account. When you open the Demat account bank will provide you a code number called CRN. This number is necessary to open your mero share login account.

IPO Result in Mero Share Account

Once you made the mero share account it has many features. Like, you can apply for the IPO using this account. Similarly you can check the IPO result from this account. It means it is very much useful for brokers and general public for share transactions.

Table of Contents

  • IPO Result of Hydro power companies
  • Result of Banks IPO
  • IPO Result of Insurance Companies
  • Hotels IPO result.

How to apply IPO using mero share?

Here are the steps to apply IPO from mero share account. Just follow these steps to apply the initial public offering of any company.

  • First of log in to your mero share account.
  • Now go to My ASBA button in the face page of mero share cdsc.
  • Go to current issue to see the IPO offering of different companies.
  • Tap on your desire company.
  • Choose the number of shares you want to apply.
  • Select your bank account.
  • Provide the CRN number in the required space.
  • Finally submit the application.

Beside this if you have any questions about the digital application of IPO contact us. Our expert’s team will support you in this regard.  

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