Nepal IPO Result and Notices !!!

Nepal IPO Result and Notices

Here we have recent Nepal IPO Result and Notices. People are searching for the IPO result in the internet but not getting the reliable source.

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You can make IPO online application in different ways. The easiest way is to apply the share from your mero share account.

Nepal IPO Result and Notices

There are several companies in pipe line to offer the initial public offering (IPO). So, to get the knowledge about the IPO notices and result you have to remain with us. Here are the steps to get online IPO result.

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  • You can check the IPO result via
  • Similarly, you can check the IPO result from the dashboard of your mero share page. In the main page you can see the result.
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Coming IPO Notice

Here we provide the upcoming IPO offerings of different companies. Therefore, remain with us for all kinds of share business.

Nepal Stock Market

Nepal stock market is not stable. It is said that few brokers own the majority of certain company shares. Hence the Nepal Rastra Bank has circulated the notice to the public to be conscious while making the investment in the share market.

Secondary Market

Basically the investors must be careful while purchasing the shares in the secondary market. There is no much risk in the IPO investment. But, you must be careful while purchasing the secondary market shares.

It is because many people have gain from the stock market by purchasing and selling the shares where as there are so many people being bankrupt from the same business.

NRB Exchange Rate

Nepal Rastra Bank is the bank of banks in Nepal. It is the authorized organization for the regulations of the banks. NRB provides the foreign exchange rate daily. But according to the new provision the private banks have their own exchange rates.

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