UK Working Visa for Nepali !!!

United Kingdom is now ready to take Nepali migrant workers. Here we have English Questions for Nepali Nurse UK Job.

Apply Now

Take short eligibility test for the job. The candidates must meet basic height and weight requirement.

Height: minimum 150 cm

Weight: not less than 45 kg

Salary for UK Job

The minimum salary for UK work permit visa is 6000 pound.


There are different types of nurses in Nepal. Like bachelor level nurse, masters level nurse and PCL level nurse. Therefore MOU will make it clear. So in the next article we will give the minimum qualification of nurse willing to go UK.

English Questions

1.            Change the following sentences as indicated in brackets:

i.              Bring your books tomorrow. ( Into Negative)

ii.             Somebody has stolen my watch. ( Into yes/No Question)

iii.            I’ll pay you tomorrow. ( Into Passive)

iv.           They speak English very well. ( Into How Question)

v.            Susan told me not to be rude. ( Into Direct Speech)

vi.           She said to me, “Are you waiting for me?” ( Into Indirect Speech)

vii.          Evan did not meet his brother yesterday. ( Into Affirmative)

2.            Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in the brackets:

i.              She usually goes to work……………foot. ( to/on/with)

ii.             One of the women…………..wearing a yellow sari. (Is/ are/were)

iii.            He used to smoke, (didn’t he/ doesn’t he/ wasn’t he)

iv.           John! Sing a song……………………..( yourself/himself/ myself)

v.            …………………….she is rich, she always wears old clothes. (Since/In Spite of/ Although

vi.           Shristina is……… girl. ( an/ the/ a)

3.            Match the words/phrases in column “A” with their meanings in column “B”

             COLUMN “A”                                        COLUMN “B”

i.              acquisition                                    [         ]   luxurious

ii.             Tumultuous                                  [          ]   in that wrong or immoral way

iii.            Foliage                                         [           ]    rushing with great speed

iv.           Possibility                                       [          ]   permanent

v.            half-reluctantly                            [         ]   purposefully

vi.           In deadly earnest                        [         ]   overpowering

vii.          Overwhelming                                [         ]   vegetation

viii.         Indelible                             [         ]   something that may actually happen

ix.           Devilish like that                               [         ]   a little unwillingly

x.            hurtling                                             [         ]   terribly disturbed

xi.           Intentionally                                    [          ]   the process of learning

xii.          Sumptuous                                        [         ]   in a completely serious manner

G2G Program to Send Migrant Workers

Nepal government is trying to find other European destination for Nepali migrant workers. To make the abroad jobs safe government is trying to send the migrant manpower under G2G program.

Hence for this ministry of labor is searching the better destination for migrant workers. The minister for labor told this.  

English Questions for Nepali Nurse UK Job

British government is going to enroll ten thousand Nepali nurses in their health sector. The Nepal government ministry of labor agreed to sing MOU to send Nepali migrant workers in their health sector. Beside this British government will provide scholarship to the Nepali students for nursing study.  

Basic English Language Test

The candidates willing to work UK must pass English language test. The syllabus for this exam is yet to come. However candidates must have minimum written and speaking English language skill. On the top of this they need minimum vocabulary of medical terms.

Temporary Working Visa in USA

United States of America takes thousands of temporary workers every year. This visa is for six months only. Basically US government takes such manpower in their agriculture sector.

America has under gone shortage of labor. Hence to fulfill this gap the US government allows the private sector to take foreign workers.

Working Visa in Italy

The next major destination of Europe for Nepali migrant workers is Italy. There are thousands of Nepali migrant workers. Majority of them are the permanent resident of Europe. Hence if you are interested on it check our previous articles.  

If you want such articles stay with us. We give timely information about abroad jobs. There are many articles about abroad job. You can read them. Give time to read these articles.

Comment us if you have any problem. We try to solve it.

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