USA EDV 2021 Result; DV 2021 Result!!!

USA EDV 2021 Result

USA EDV 2021 Result is out now. Hence the applicants of DV 2021 can get the USA EDV 2021 Result from here.

USA EDV 2021 Result

Despite of the COVID 19 pandemic the state government is able to publish the online diversity visa lottery in time. DV lottery is the most lucrative program of US government for the residential visa. It is the easiest way to get green card for the migrants in America.

COVID 19 virus DV Lottery Result

The world is hardly affected by the Coronavirus the world economy is much slow due to this reason. So in such situation DV result is out now. Hence we would like to suggest all the dv winners to make their travel safe.

Life of Migrants in USA

While preparing this article America has the highest number of virus infected in the world. According to the media 3.3 million people has lost their job within one week in America. Those who are living in America are now in panic condition due to this virus infection.

Majority of them working in essential service are not getting leave. So this has further made their family worried about their life in USA.

Online USA EDV 2021 Result

This year the dv lottery result is not much exciting as compared to the previous years. It is due to the COVID 19 infection in the world. Almost all the countries of the world are now facing this virus pandemic. Hence, in such situation people have no interest for migration?

DV Winners Name and Address

Here is the list of diversity visa lottery winners from Nepal. Hence the dv lottery can check their name from the list given here. If you have any question about the dv lottery result just forward it to us. We are working for the dv lottery application and result for several years.

More about DV Result

The state government is the online authorized unit to publish the DV lottery result. Beside this there is no any other organization for the online DV Result. Hence if someone is asking you for money to arrange DV lottery be safe from such fraud activities.

NB: State government never publish the dv winners name list. It is our attempt to collect the name and address of DV winners.

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