2021 DV Green Card Result; EDV Result 2021

2021 DV Green Card Result

2021 DV Green Card Result is almost ready to publish. Hence the DV lottery 2021 applicants can get the online DV result from here.

2021 DV Green Card Result

This year DV result is delay by one month. Hence be patient for the Result. .

The state government will publish the result by first week of June the 2021 DV Green Card Result. The dv lottery applicants are suggested to check their online result just following the given steps over here.

EDV 2021 Winners from Nepal

Here is the list of dv winners from Nepal. So you can check the name list of DV winners directly from here.

How to Get the Online DV Result 2021 2022?

The dv lottery application for 2021 was opened in October 2019. The result of this dv lottery is available now. The state government of America has just published the DV lottery result today. So follow these steps for the online DV result.

Step by Step Process for Online Result

  • Go to the official page of dv lottery.
  • The official website for the dv result is www.dvlottery.state.gov
  • Enter your family details in the required space.
  • Supply the correct passport number as you filled during the application.

DV Winners Life in USA 

So far we have got the reaction of the DV winners in America they are having satisfactory livelihood over there. Basically the life is mechanized there it means you have to work just like a machine. The security is very weak as person gun is common in America.

You might have heard about the human casualty due to crazy gun man in either busy market or school or colleges.

In spite of these hurdles the education for your kids is fine here. their life will be secured to some extent in USA compared to Nepal.

America the Dream land of Every People

Beside many challenges majority of the people in the world has desire to live and work USA. There may be several reasons beside this. Perhaps due to such unseen reason many Nepalese people apply for the DV lottery every year.

Facts about America          

You may have the concept that USA is very much developed and there are no rooms for the physical development. If you are in such concept then you are totally wrong.

There are many remote villages in America where there is no pitched road. People are using muddy road for the vehicular movement. It has been many years that people for such remote areas do not visit the nearest city.

At the beginning it is hard to believe but is the fact. We have collected all this information for the field visit of several remote villages of America.

Community without Electricity

Those communities which do not pay the electricity bill regularly are now in dark. There is power cut by the government. They do not get electricity supply in the locality. Just living in Nepal one cannot imagine about such situation. But it is the fact.

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