USA DV Lottery 2022 Application Form

USA DV Lottery 2022 Application Form

USA DV Lottery 2022 Application Form is now open. Hence the interested can fill USA DV Lottery 2022 Application Form from here.

USA DV Lottery 2022 Application Form

Millions were waiting for the DV lottery in the world. In Nepal every year millions of people apply for the diversity visa lottery. But last year there were fewer applicants compared to previous years. It is due to mandatory valid passport number. If you do not have passport apply for the passport.

DV Winners in USA

DV lottery winners have better life compared to other status visa owner Nepalese. While talking about this covid 19 pandemic the Green Card holders got cash subsidy from the government. But people under other category visa have no privilege of this cash.

How to Fill the DV Application Form Correctly?

DV is totally random selection process. There is no human role. It is fully computerized random selection process. Hence a small error in your application form leads to disqualification in the selection.

On the top of this you will not know such small errors during the application. Hence the most important thing is to fill the dv lottery form properly.

Step by Step Guide to fill the online DV lottery from

If you just follow these steps carefully your application form will never be disqualified. You do not think that I must go to the agents for the application. If you just read these points carefully then you can do better than the people in the market.

Winning or not winning is Luck but Disqualification is Bad Luck

Winning or not winning the lottery is your luck. But if your application is not included in the random selection it is bad luck. Hence what we can do from our side is to make the dv lottery application valid. The rest of the part is totally upon your luck.

How to Know that whether my Application is Qualified for the Selection or not?

Yes, this is very important. If you do not complete your application form properly it results disqualification of the application. The most important part of dv lottery is your photograph. Hence always check your photo before submitting it.

At last but not the least if you have any question about the diversity visa lottery feel free to contact our experts. They are always ready to help and support you all.

The official website for the dv lottery is

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