EDV 2022 Application Starts Today

EDV 2022 Application Starts Today

Many of you have the question when will DV lottery 2022 starts. EDV 2022 Application starts today. So learn all the rules of dv lottery.

EDV 2022 Application Starts Today

State government EDV lottery begins from today. Therefore complete your dv lottery application by today. The history shows that the early applicants have higher probability to win the lottery. So, why to be late? Do it now.

DV 2022 New Rules

DV lottery is a random selection of computer. Hence there is no human role. Similarly the artificial intelligence finds the errors in the application forms. Only the valid forms go for the selection procedure. But the applicant does not know either the application form is qualified or not. Therefore you must be careful while submitting the online dv lottery form.

EDV Correct Size Photo

The size of your photograph in the diversity visa lottery plays great role. Every year thousands of applications become disqualified due to invalid photos. Hence check your photo graph validity before submitting it.

It is very easy to check the dv lottery photo size. You can make online checking of your dv lottery photos.

How to make eligible shape and Sized Photographs?

You dv lottery photo must fulfill these criteria.

  • It must be squared photo of size 600×600 pixels.
  • No group photo is allowed.
  • It must be recent one no later than 6 months.
  • The photo must reflect you natural image.
  • Women cannot use ornaments.
  • Hat or cap is now allowed beside your cultural customs.

Online EDV 2022 form

Many people are waiting for the diversity visa lottery. Most of them were unable to submit DV lottery 2021 form due to lack of passport. But these groups of people are now ready with all the necessary documents.

DV lottery online application form is available in the official page of state government. So for this you have to visit www.dvprogram.state.gov.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the EDV 2022 applicants. At the same time if you have any question about the dv lottery feels free to contact us. Our foreign affairs team is ready to support you all.

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