How to Join Bahrain Police?

How to Join Bahrain Police

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How to Join Bahrain Police?

There are thousands of people looking for the abroad jobs. Hence to felicitate the job search for these groups of people here are some job results. Our team works for all types of job hunting in the world. Like NGO job, government jobs and other private sectors jobs.

Police Job for Nepali in Qatar

Qatar has already enrolled 170 Nepalese in its police force in September 2019. Most probably Qatar will enroll more security forces for world cup football 2022. Hence remain with us for more information about the police job in Qatar.

How to join UAE Police Job?

There are different categories in UAE police force. Permanent resident of United Arab Emirates are eligible for the police job. Similarly Qatar enrolls different area professionals in their security force.

These professionals need not to be the native of emirates. Foreign nationalities can join in such professionals’ area like engineering and medicine.

France Army Job for Nepalese

France has one separate foreigners unit in Army. This is called France Foreign Legion. In this unit Nepalese youth under 40 years old can join. All the selection process begins in France itself. But currently due to covid 19 pandemic individuals can make online application.

The vacancy is open 365 days. Hence you can apply for French Army from your home. So for this go to the official website of France government and complete the online form.

Malaysia Auxiliary Police Job

Malaysia is the major destination for Nepali migrant workers. So in such condition if you can join this police job it is better. We have separate article about Malaysia police job. Hence for more details you can see our previous articles.

Hong Kong Police Job for Nepali

Nepali youth living in Hong Kong can join the Hong Kong police force. The minimum criterion for the job is given below. So read this article properly to know the details about Hong Kong Police force job for Nepali youths.

Direct Entry in Singapore Police

There is regular recruitment from Nepal in British army and Singapore police. On the top of this there is direct entry vacancy announcement in Singapore police. How to apply in Singapore police? It might be the question in your mind.

Hence instead of repeating the same thing over here we request to find our previous articles on Singapore police. There we can find all the details procedure of joining the Singapore police job.

US Army Job for Nepalese

The next country where Nepali can join the army is America. The permanent legal resident of USA can join American army. There are many Nepali youths currently working in US army. Basically the PR holder of USA who has already served in army or police in Nepalese is currently working in American armed force. However physically fit fresher can also join the job.

How to join Canadian Army Job?

Well it is similar to America. Here in Canada also the permanent residents can apply for the army. No matter in which country you were born. If you are the permanent resident of Canada then you can apply for the army job. The more about it is available in our previous articles.

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