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US Work Visas

America is the popular touristic destination. Beside this USA is the famous for good salary and working environment. So here we discuss about types of US work Visas.    

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US Work Visas

People from all over the world want to live and work in USA because of high remuneration. You can live are work in America by two ways. You can go America for employment by the following two ways.

The temporary workers need US nonimmigrant visa while permanent or sponsored workers need immigrant visa. This article will cover all details about both temporary and permanent working visa.

What is American Work Visa?

The nonimmigrant American work visa let you to live and work in Unites States for certain period of time only. When your visa period is over then you must leave USA. Basically the state government calls for such visa.

When there is acute shortage of labor in USA at that moment the government calls for this visa.

However, you must meet the basic requirement of this short term US visa to be eligible. Hence check once either you are eligible or not for this short term working visa.

In our previous you can get the eligibility test form.

Work Visa USA Types

There are different types of working visa for USA. According to your purpose of the visit you can choose the appropriate visa as mentioned below.

H1B Visa

People willing to work in special occupation need this visa. Like doctors, nurses, project managers etc. who has high level of skill and qualification can apply for this visa. Similarly, individual visiting USA under government to government program are eligible for this visa.

H1B1 Visa

Professional from Free Trade Agreement from Chile and Singapore can apply this visa. Similarly, people under special occupation having at least four years of study in the field of specialization can get this visa. Points to be noted that it is not petition based visa.

H-2A Visa

This is temporary agricultural workers visa. People willing to work as seasonal workers can apply for this visa. This visa is limited to citizens or nationals of certain countries. Learn more about the list of qualified countries for this seasonal working visa from our previous articles.

US Work Permit Online form

All the none American Need this permit to work in USA.

H-2B Visa

This visa is for the temporary workers of non-agricultural sectors.  This is also temporary US work permit for industrial sectors. Like the H2A this is also limited to designated countries only. But in some cases it depends upon the interest of state government for visa approval of undesignated nationals.

H-3 Visa

The state government provides this visa for trainee and special education visitors. Those training which are not available in the trainee’s country can apply for such training in USA. Basically trainee working in the special education of children with mental and physical disabilities can apply this visa.

I Visa

Foreign countries media person gets this visa. Generally, journalists who work in information and communication sector and want to complete their work while staying in USA gets this visa.

L 1 Visa

This visa allows the intracompany transferee to live and work in United states. However, the applicant must meet the criteria of application. Like the applicant must be affiliated to US based company. He or she must be the employee of that organization continuously for last 3 years.

P-1 Visa

The team or individual taking part in games and sports in USA can apply this visa. International level entertainment group for the performance can get this visa. The supportive members of the group are also eligible for the visa application.

P-2 Visa

The mutual exchange of artist or entertainer group need this visa. For the performance of reciprocal exchange program, you can apply this visa.

Like American group gave their performance in your country now you want to give you performance in United States in such case you need this visa.

P-3 Visa

The teacher or coach of the unique cultural, musical, theatrical performance can apply this visa. This includes the visa for the persons providing essential support service to the team.

R-1 Visa

Religious workers willing to remain for short period of time can get this visa. But the applicant must meet the criteria of the state government to get this visa.

O1 Visa

Extra ordinary people in science, education or athletics can apply for this visa. People who has shown expert knowledge in their performance in the international level are eligible for this visa.

US Work Visa Qualification

Individual willing to get working visa in USA must meet three basic conditions. So, if you are not able to fulfill this condition then your application will be denied. Here are these three conditions.

Have Job Offer in USA

You have to attach the job offer letter for the visa application. Hence you must need the letter from your American employer before making visa application.

Approved Petition from USCIS

Your US employer has to file the temporary worker approval file in USA. On behalf of employee they need to submit it to the ministry of labor in United States. When the government approved your petition known as I 129 then only you can apply for the work permit visa. This is important for the visa application.

Labor Certification Approval

The final document you need is the labor certificate. When you go for the visa interview you need all these three document. If a US based company want to hire the foreign labor, then they must take approval from the labor department of USA.

Documents Required for US Work Visas

  • A valid passport.
  • Properly completed DS 160 form
  • Receipt of the payment for visa.
  • Enough proof that you will return your home country after the visa is over.

Here you have to give family status. Similarly, you have to mention your economic status in your country.

Beside this you may have to submit other supportive documents. So for this you have consult the consoler or embassy in your country.

US Work Visas Application Procedure

If you have collected the above mentioned three documents, then now you are eligible for the visa application. So for the visa application follow these steps.

Complete Online DS 160 form

Fill up the DS 160 form available in the online. Now print this page for the visa application purpose. Make sure that all the information given in this form are correct. If you are failure to give the correct family details, then you will be rejected during the visa interview.

Learn more about US Work Visas from our previous articles.

Visa Interview

There is huge pressure in the embassy for the visa interview. Hence as soon as you complete your documentation take interview appointment. Generally, this will be during the DS 160 form completion. People below 13 and above 80 need not to face interview for the visa.

Attend Interview

The information mentioned in DS 160 and your documents determine the visa. So it is very important that you have given all correct information in the form. similarly report in time for the interview. Try to give the answer completely. Be well dressed during the visa interview.

The interviewers are well trained to find the fake information in the form. hence always give correct data in the DS 160 form.

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