How to Apply US Working Visa?

Most people have dream to live and work in USA. Are you looking for, how to Apply US Working Visa? Here we give detail information.

How to Apply US Working Visa

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Take a short tour to know either you are eligible for American working visa or not. By this you will know the area of visa application. Find the best area of job according to your knowledge and skill.

How to Apply US Working Visa?

The common questions among most of the young guys is USA working visa. This article will help you to know more about US visa application procedure. How to Apply US Working Visa? We are going to give the answer is simple way.

USA Work Permit Visa

You might have gone through various promoted websites about this matter. They explain the procedure in quite diplomatic way. It is hard to understand for Nepali people. Therefore, we give all the steps in easy and simple language.

Visa Application Steps

  • First get petition approval from your employer.

What is Petition?

It is the approval letter from the ministry of labor of the state government. The firm or company will apply on behalf of the employee for this. When the US government release this petition form then only the employers are allowed to hire the foreign manpower.

  • Job offer letter

The US employer will send their foreign employee the job offer letter with petition. Here the employer in USA has to face several steps while enrolling the foreign employee. Unlike this sometime the state government itself calls for temporary working visa.

  • Visa Application

The employee now together with job offer letter and petition approval letter must visit the counselor or embassy for the visa. During this you must have the original receipt of visa charge payment. According to the rule of embassy you have to pay for the visa interview fee.

Temporary Working Visa

If you are applying for this temporary working visa, then it is easy to get. As this is government program all the eligible candidates may get the USA visa. It is official program hence there will not be much problem for the visa in this case.

US Working Visa for 2022

America is going to provide 22 thousand additional working visa for foreigners. Hence this might be appropriate for you guys. We have details about it in our previous articles.

Therefore, collect the knowledge about temporary working visa from there.

US Work Permit Application

You are not allowed to work in USA without work permit visa. Hence apply for work permit when you reach to USA. Finally, if you have any confusion about US working visa contact us.

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