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Top Nepali Jokes

Here are some top Nepali jokes. These top Nepali jokes are our own collections. So if these jokes hurt somebody it is simply the coincident only. Top Nepali Jokes are somehow mirror of the society. It is our belief that the literature reflects the society. Hence in this collection of Top Nepali Jokes we are trying our best.

Top Nepali Jokes Corruption

Once Nepal government’s prime minister was in the night party with US president in America. After the night party he went with president in his residence. The president’s house was so nicely decorated that Nepalese prime minister is spellbound. Then he asks the president how you manage such life.

Then the US president took him to the window and asks to look the huge bridge along the road. So I took one percent commission from that bridge and so on. By this way I am maintaining my life style.

In course of time once the US president came to Nepal and went to the prime minister’s residence. It was also highly decorated. Then surprisingly the president asks the Prime minister being the leader of the developing nation how can you manage all this? Then the prime minister also took him to the window and asks in the same way to see the bridge through the window. This time the president cannot see any bridge. Then the president replies that there is no bridge. Now the prime minister says that there must be bridge but whole budget I ate and in such way I maintain my life style.

Just Now it was working

A couple was in dating in the park. The girl asks for the recharge card with her boyfriend. The boy gives the recharge card to the girl. But when the girl try to recharge the mobile phone the given recharge card does not work. The girl then asks the boy that the recharge card does not work. Now the boy reply that it was just working when he recharged his mobile.

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