Best Way to Cheat in Examination


Facebook is The Most Popular Social Media in the world. Here are some funny facts about it.

Details about Best way to cheat in Exam is at the last of the article. Hence read the article properly.

Here is a joke related to Facebook.

A boy wrote in his Facebook status: Here class is running but I am online.  Just after few minutes he got the comment in his Facebook status.

The comment was from his teacher. My dear student you took the exam in which you got zero. Will you come to see or I will tag it.

God May Bless You

A girl went in front of her parents and told them-

Daughter – Dad a boy is here to ask my hand.

Dad- Where is he?  Call him here.

A fashionable boy with chewing gum in his mouth came in front. Father did not like him at all. He stand in front of boy and asked-

Dad – Don’t you know how to respect the seniors?

Boy – No Dad, yesterday I drank little more so thinking that it will not smell you I am chewing the   chewing gum.

Dad – It means you drink alcohol?

Boy – Yea, but not always. I used to drink when I go to casino only.

Dad – oh! It means you are in gambling at this age.

Boy – I started it when I am released from the jail.

Dad – Oh! My god you were in jail also, but why?

Boy – I asked for his daughter but he denied so I shoot down him.

Dad- Ok Ok I will give my daughter. God may bless you.

Facebook  Joke

Best Way to Cheat in Exam.

Students were sitting for exam. The invigilator was quite strict. He was roaming corner to corner. The students whisper themselves that they cannot cheat at all on that day.

At the same time one of the students gave a small piece of paper to the teacher. All of sudden he went to the chair and sat down. Then the students were surprised.

One of the students ask what is written in the paper given to the teacher. Then he replied that it was written that the sir’s pant has hole at the back side.

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