South Korea Working Visa for Foreigners !!!

South Korea Working Visa for Foreigners

Many people are searching for South Korea Working Visa for Foreigners. Hence to fulfill this demand here we have details about different types of work permit in south Korea.

New Rules in EPS

South Korea Working Visa for Foreigners

Check Your Eligibility

Complete the details to know that either you are eligible for Korean Work Visa or not.

South Korea Working Visa for Foreigners

Korea is in geometrical proportion in its industrial development. Therefore, there is demand of workers in this sector. Similarly, it invites workers in the agricultural sectors as well. Today we will discuss on both types of working visas industrial and agricultural.

Types of South Korea Work Visa

  • Short Term Working Visa
  • Corporate resident visa
  • Company assignment work visa
  • Business visa i.e. foreign investment visa
  • Skilled workers visa
  • Specific work visa
  • Employment Permit System EPS Visa

South Korea Work Visa Guide

If you are in South Korea and intend to work, then in such case you have to take work permit before starting the job. Similarly, your relative travelling with you and want to work in Korea must complete the application process. Here we have the complete guide for work visa in Korea.

Where Can You Obtain South Korean Work Visa?

First of all, you have to choose the visa listed above which fits to your knowledge and skill. Then now you have to visit the Korean embassy or consulate office in your country. There you will get the visa appointment. Learn more about the required documents for Korean work visa.

Job Offer Letter

You need job offer letter while applying for the visa in the embassy. This job letter you will get from your Korean employer. The company employing the foreign workers have to submit the application on behalf of the employee in Korea. The Korean ministry of justice will decide on it either to provide the employment permit or not.

Documents Required for Korean Work Visa

You have to submit the following document for the visa application in the embassy.

  • Employment Permit from the employer
  • Duly filled visa application form with 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of passport ID page
  • Original passport with minimum 6 months’ validity
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Copy of your university academic certificates and other training certificates if any
  • Company Tax clearance certificate
  • Registration certificate of your employer company
  • Details about the foreign employers in the company
  • Visa fee

Well beside this if you want to learn more about the working in Korea you can check our previous articles. We have many article about South Korea work visa.

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