SEE Opt Math Note; Perfect SEE Note

SEE Opt Math Note

Here is perfect SEE Opt Math Note. We also provide online SEE Opt Math Note. So the SEE students can fully use this free Opt Math Note.

Among all the SEE subjects optional math is little bit challenging. Hence only selected student choose this subject. The author of this article itself is experienced mathematics teacher. Therefore you can put forward your question via comment box given below.

SEE Opt Math Note

This SEE Opt Math Note covers all the lessons of grade 10 optional math. We have several articles regarding SLC now called SEE in this site. So if you are new for we suggest you to go through them properly.

SEE Trigonometry Note

Trigonometry requires the sound knowledge of formula. Therefore we suggest you to learn the formulas properly before starting the exercise. It does not mean that you have to go on parrot style reading. However you must rewrite the formulas several times to keep them in memory.

Best Mathematics Learning Tips

Learning mathematics is very easy. But here condition applied. The condition is that you must go on learning from the bottom. It is just like the chain of bicycle. If a single not bolt does not work your bicycle does not move. In the same sense to learn math you need good skill and knowledge of previous level.

Some Important Questions for SEE Exam

  1. From a point on the horizontal plane, the angle of elevation of the top of a pillar standing on the same plane was observed to be 600 and the angle of elevation of a point 20m below the top of the pillar was found to be 300. Find the height of the pillar.
  2. Find the equation of circle with radius 5cm touching both axes ad lying in the first quadrant.
  3. Using matrix method, show that a reflection on the line y=x followed by a reflection on y-axis is equivalent to the rotation through +900 about origin.
  4. A statue stands on the top of a column. The angles subtended by the column and statue at a point 100m away from the foot of the column are 450 and 150 Find the height of the statue.
  5. Prove vector method that the lines joining the middle points of the sides of a quadrilateral taken in order is a parallelogram.
  6. Prove that the diagonals of a rectangle are equal using vector method.
  7. If the angles of depression and elevation of the top of a pole 25 m high from the top and bottom of a tower are 600 and 300 respectively, find the height of the tower.
  8. Prove by vector method that diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.

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