Perfect Entrance Examination Preparation Guide

Perfect Entrance Examination Preparation Guide

Here we have Perfect Entrance Examination Preparation Guide. This Perfect Entrance Examination Preparation Guide is prepared by our expert team.

Important Questions for Class 11 Entrance Exam

Perfect Entrance Examination Preparation Guide

Here are few tips for the entrance exam preparation. So if you follow these tips then you will get easy way for the exam preparation.

  • Know the curriculum of the exam properly.
  • Collect the preparation material as far as possible.
  • Write the model exam yourself and check your time you consume to write the exam.
  • Practice online questions available in various websites.

Mathematics Entrance Exam Questions

Here are several sets of mathematics questions. So you can practice these questions very well.

  1. Define odd and even function with example.   .
  2. Find two numbers whose arithmetic mean is 25 and geometric mean is 20
  3. The length of perpendicular drawn from the point (a, 3) on the line is 4. Find the value of a.
  4. Find the equation of circle with center at (3, 4) and touching the x-axis.

Entrance Exam English Guide

(a)  Put the following words in alphabetical order:

personality,    periodical,     perimeter,     perplexed,     pneumonia,     performance

(b)  Which Guide-words are correct for the following words?

 (i)   First word is genial       Options are  (a)  gesture/girlfriend  (b)  gear/gesture

 (ii) Second word is prattle

(a)  precondition/preposition   (b)  powdery/precondition

(a) Rewrite the following sentences choosing the correct word from the pair given in each sentence:

(i) Don’t let your dog ________ (lose/loose); if there are any children playing near your house.

(ii)  Last night when I ________ (laid/lay) on my back, it hurt me awfully.

(iii) Anil’s shirt is torn, _________ (however/therefore), he needs a new one.

(b) Rewrite these sentences filling in the gaps with appropriate forms of the verb ‘Have’.

(i) My uncle _______ not much money at the moment.

(ii) She _________ an accident last year.

(iii) By next week we ___________ finished our Send Up examinations.

(iv) My friend is lucky; his parents __________ television.

Your friend in Austria wanted to know about marriage in our culture. Write a letter with the description of a wedding in Nepal.

So we would like to express our best wishes for all the candidates for different level entrance exam.

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