One Year BEd Objective Questions

One Year BEd Objective Questions

Here are One Year BEd Objective Questions. These One Year BEd Objective Questions collections consist of mostly past paper questions.

One Year BEd Objective Questions

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Basically the teachers from other faculties beside Education are interested for One Year BEd course. So to help for Tribhuvan University One Year BEd exam we have prepare this objective questions collection. In education faculty each subject has 20 marks objective questions.

What are objective questions for One Year BEd? Read More………….

Objective questions are the very short multiple choice questions. There are 20 questions in this objective question group each of one mark. At the same time the students have to answer this multiple choice questions within twenty minutes. But there is no negative marking for wrong answer.

Psychology Objective Question

  1. Which one is a not type of guidance service?                                                                                    a.Information    b.inventory       c. placement      d. counseling
  2. Which one type are most effective techniques for information?                                                      Personality inventories study      c. interview        d. observation
  3. Which of the following is not a concept?                                                                                                     bird           c. animal              d. Ramayan   a.Blood
  4. What does continuity signify?                                                                                                              a.Interval presentation of CS and UCS                                                                                                b. Simultaneous presentation of CS and UCS                                                                                               c.The process of stimulus inhibition                                                                                                          d. The process of external inhibition
  5. Which one is the most important in verbal learning?                                                                     a.Insight                                                                                                                                   b.Reinforcement                                                                                                                               c.Generalization                                                                                                                                 d.Meaning fullness
  6. Which of the following is an affirmative concept?                                                                             a.Blood, apple and a traffic signal                                                                                                      b.Four yellow circle                                                                                                                              c.Superior and inferior                                                                                                                                    d.The work strike
  7. In which learning the words and language are principally used.                                                    a.Sensory learning                                                                                                                                b.Skill learning                                                                                                                                      c.Problem solving learning                                                                                                                  d.Verbal learning

Well these are some sample objective question for psychology. We also have separate article about the Tribhuvan University BEd objective questions. So we encourage you to check that article too.

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Finally we would like to express best of luck to all the exam candidates.


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