EDV 2019 Online Result, DV 2019 Result

EDV 2019 Online Result

Here is EDV 2019 Online Result published by State government. State government has published EDV 2019 Online Result today morning.

EDV 2019 Online Result

So you can easily check the online dv result from this page. Last year also we have given the name list of dv lottery winner 2018. Hence this year too we will upload the winners name list with address in this page. At the same time if you are the dv lottery winner of 2019 please inform us so that we can add your name in the list of dv lottery winners of 2019.

EDV 2019 Winners Name and Address

EDV 2019 Online Result, DV 2019 Result

Well you can check the edv 2019 online result via the official site of state government. The official site of dv lottery is www.dvlottery.state.gov.

How to Check EDV 2019 Online Result?

The only way to check the online dv result is the official site of dv lottery. The official website of dv lottery is given above.

Step by Step Process to Check EDV 2019 Online Result

Here are the few steps to check EDV 2019 Online Result. So just follow these steps to find your edv 2019 result.

  • First of all go to dvlottery.state.gov, where you find the dialogue box to enter your conformation code.
  • Enter the conformation code in the box.
  • Now enter the family name in the check box.
  • Finally click on submit button to see the result.

According to the new provision the winner will also get notification in the email address which you have provided in the dv lottery form. But if you get fake email asking money to process your dv lottery do not go after such fraud activities.

There we have heard many incidents of fraud activities about dv result. So you must be careful about it. The most important thing about the dv lottery result is that state government does not ask money from the winners in the name of processing cost.

Therefore if someone is asking for money to process your dv lottery results do not believe on it.

NB: State Government Publish the EDV 2019 Result on 15 May 2018.

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