New Year 2018 Horoscope in Nepali

New Year 2018 Horoscope

Here is New Year 2018 Horoscope. So you find New Year 2018 Horoscope in Nepali in this article. More or less every people believe on horoscope. We have been giving you the astrological help and support from this site.

New Year 2018 Horoscope

As you know there are 12 zodiac signs in astrology. Here is the horoscope detail for all twelve Rashi. We have the rashifal for all twelve Rashi in Nepali in our previous article. Therefore we do not repeat the same detail here.

 Lucky Day To Fill DV Lottery Form According to Your Rashi 

Lucky Color for Different Rashi

According to astrologer people of different zodiac sign has different lucky color. So from astrological point of view it is better to follow this color rule. Like if you want to buy new car why not to follow your lucky color car? Hence it is better to choose your lucky color items while purchasing them.

Lucky Day for Twelve Zodiac Signs

Similar to your lucky color according to your zodiac sign there is different lucky day for different zodiac sign. We have separate article about the luck day for different Rashi. Hence for more detail about the lucky day for different zodiac sign please refer our previous article.

From astrological point of view it is compulsory to follow the lucky day while starting the new project. Like you want to build new house, then it is better to start on the lucky day like Sunday or Wednesday. So there is great psychological effect of these zodiac lucky color and day in our life.

New Year 2018 Rashifal

So whatever is mentioned in your horoscope for the year 2018 let it be, no matter. The most important thing is your labour. If you labour hard the fortune will automatically follow. It is not necessary to follow the money. So in this regard our suggestion is that if your work honestly then money will start to follow you. There are several people in the world who are success due to their hard work.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes on the occasion of Happy New Year 2018.

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