2078 BS Public Holidays, List of Public Holidays 2078

2078 BS Public Holidays

Here is the list of 2078 BS Public Holidays. According to the ministry of information and communication we have prepared this list.

2078 BS Public Holidays

Here is the calendar for the year 2078. There are several unique facts in this year. Like there are 3 Dashain festival in the year 2078. Two Chaitey Dashains and one Bada Dashain. This is simply one example only more details you can get from the complete calendar attached with this

2078 Rashifal

In addition with the calendar you can find the 12 zodiac signs Rashifal for the year 2078. Hence we would like to suggest all the visitors to go through this article till the end.

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List of Holidays

This year the public holiday for Loktantra Diwas has been removed. At the same time the constitution day has been declared as public holiday. So we would like to suggest you all to take time and go through the online calendar for 2078.

List of Nepal government Public Holidays 2078

The complete list of Nepal government public holidays for 2078 has been published. Here you can see the list of Nepal Public holidays 2078 with the complete calendar.

Nepal public holidays Baisakha

  • Baisakh 1: New year holiday
  • Baisakh 18: 1 May, It is celebrated as International labors day
Nepal public holidays Jestha 2078

Jestha 12: Buddha Jayanti

It is very much tough month for civil servants and teachers. The longest month in the year has no public holidays beside Saturdays.

Nepal public holidays in the month of Asar

It is same as the previous month no public holidays in Asar as well.

Nepal public holidays in the month of Shrawan

No holiday for Shrawan beside Saturdays. It means there are there continuous month without any public holidays.

Nepal public holidays in Bhadra

Bhadra 24: Haritalika Teej the greatest festival of Nepali women.

Nepal public holidays in the month of Ashoj

The greatest festival of Nepali people falls in this month. Schools remains closed for at least fifteen days. However the civil servants will get the following holidays in this month.

  • Ashoj 3: It is constitution day, Sambhidan Diwas

Jitiya Parva, During this festival the holiday is in the provinces where people celebrate this festival

  • Ashoj 26: Phulpati, it is the seventh day of Dashain Festival.
  • 2078 Ashoj 27: Maha Astami
  • Ashoj 28: Maha Nawami
  • 2078 Ashoj 29: Bada Dashain the main day of Dashain festival in Nepal

Public Holidays of Karti 2078 in Nepal

There are many public holidays in this month. The detail of this month is in in the following list.

Tihar is the next important festival among Nepali people. The list of public holidays during this festival is as follow.Kartik 18: Laxmi Puja

2078 Kartik 19: Gowardhan Puja

Kartik 20: Bhai Tika the main day of Tihar festival.

2078 Kartik 24: Chhath Parva

Mangsir 2078 Public Holidays list

There is only one day public holiday in this month. It is 17 Mangsir. Mangsir 17 is Disabled day.

Nepal public holidays in the month of Poush

There are 2 days holidays in this month. 10 Poush is Christmas day holiday. Similarly 15 of this month is Tamu Loshar.

Nepal public holidays in Magh

2078 Magh has two days public holidays. Like 1 Magh is maghi parva and 22 Magh is Shree Panchami.

Public holidays in the month of Falgun

In Falgun there are 3 days holidays. 17,Shiva Ratri, Gyalpo Loshar and 24,international women day. For more details see the calendar.  

Nepal public holidays in the month of Chaitra

Similarly in the month of Chaitra there are holi, Ram nabami and Ghode Jatra.

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