EDV 2024 with Name List !!!

EDV Result with Name List

EDV 2024 result notice has been published. Here we give EDV Result with Name List. Hence the applicants can get the result from this page.

DV Winners Name List

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. Every year about four thousand people get diversity visa for USA under this lottery program. All of us know that the state government and the department of dv program does not publish the list of dv winners.

EDV Result with Name List

We have been giving the list of dv winners for many years. Hence this year too we are working on it. Most probably soon after the EDV 2024 result we will make a list of dv winners from Nepal. Basically, we focus on the list of dv winners from Nepal. However, we have been sharing the dv lottery matters for all.

EDV 2024 Result

State government publishes the DV 2024 result by May 6 2023 at 9 pm local time. Hence the dv lottery applicants can get the online diversity visa lottery on and after this date and time.

List of DV 2024 Winners

EDV 2024 winners list is coming soon. As soon as the dv program publishes the result it will be available in this page. Hence remain with us to get the list of dv winners from Nepal.

How to check EDV result 2024?

Are you new applicant for the dv lottery? Oh! Its ok. We give here the step-by-step process to get the dv lottery online result.

  • At the very first log in to the official page of the dv program.
  • Tap on entrant status button in the result page
  • Fill all the family details with the confirmation number
  • Now submit the details for the online result

As soon as you submit the details you will get result notification. The rest may be you have been selected for the further process or you have not been selected for the further process.

EDV Winners American Life

The US life is challenging then it is in Nepal. People cannot survive without job or duty. In Nepal family can survive with the income of a single member. But in America it is not possible. In this sense American life is far tough compared to Nepal.

Similarly, there is bright side of the American life. There is good facility for health and education. Good facility for senior citizens and kids.

2025 EDV Application form

If you are not able to get the dv lottery for this year do not worry. Nepal is still eligible for the diversity visa lottery. Hence you can try for EDV 2025. Who knows it can be the boon for your life. You may win the EDV 2025 lottery.

Online EDV Result 2024

EDV Result 2024 will be public by the first week of May 2023. Therefore, it is the right time to prepare all the documents required to check the online dv result. If you have any question about the diversity visa lottery result, contact our experts’ team. They are always ready to help you.

When DV 2024 results will be out?

This is common question among the dv lottery applicants. We have clearly mentioned about it in this article. Hence you might have got the answer of this question. Just go through this article properly.

How to check the DV Lottery 2024 results?

Well next question among the dv lottery applicants is this. We have explained about it in this article. Similarly, we have hundreds of articles about diversity visa lottery. Therefore, if you wish to learn more about dv lottery please check our previous articles.

How many people applied for DV Lottery 2024?

Millions of people around the world apply for dv lottery. While talking about dv lottery applicants in Nepal it is about one million. Among these one million applicants about four thousand will get the EDV lottery.

How to check DV Lottery 2023 results out?

EDV 2023 online result is available in dvprogram.state.gov. it is the official website for the diversity visa lottery. There is no any other way to get the dv lottery result.

Finally, we would like to express our best wishes to all the dv lottery applicants of the year 2024.

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