Nepal Banking Job Notices

Nepal Bank Limited

Well here we talk about Nepal bank limited. Nepal bank limited is the first bank of Nepal. This Nepal bank limited was established in 1994 BS.

NBL Job Online Application Form

There are several branches of Nepal bank limited all over the country. Today also people equally believe on this bank.

The Nepal Bank Limited Branches

Nepal bank has 130 branches in its branch network. These branches are almost all over the country. The head office of Nepal bank is in Kathmandu. There are 29 branches in Kathmandu itself.

ADB Online Job Application Form

The interested candidates can make online application. So for this you can submit the online form @

Nepal Bank Versus Other Commercial Bank

In the history it was a time where Nepal bank was the synonym of bank in Nepal. But after the restoration of democracy in Nepal many private commercial bank came into existence.

Few years back there was crowd of banks in the market. The situation went in such way that no more they can survive in such throat cut competition. So Nepal Rastra Bank brought the merger policy in the banking sector.

Facilities in Nepal Bank Limited Job Result

Nepal bank collects deposit from individual and institutions. It gives the facility loan and advances. Similarly Nepal bank gives e-banking and mobile e-banking facility to its customers.

There is NBL debit card facility for the customers of Nepal bank. These are some of the facility we mention here there are other many facilities render by the bank.

So for more details you can visit the official site of the bank. The official website of Nepal bank is Hence any individual can go this site to know more about Nepal bank.

Nepal Bank Human Resource Department Notice

Here is the notice from the human resource department of Nepal bank. This notice includes the job notices. Similarly the notice for the exam for the internal and open competition is also given over here.

Here is the copy of Gorkhapatra daily Newspaper. So the concerned people can see and enjoy this information.

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