Baby Hygiene Maintaining Tips

baby hygiene

Baby hygiene is very much crucial topic. It is really sad to know that many women and mothers affected by the urbanization. They think that their figures and beauty would be spoiled if they breast fed their infants and babies. The breast feeding has no suitable substitute in this world. To get breast feeding is the human right of the infants and babies.

There is very low percentage of mother who breast fed their babies up to the age of 2 to 3 months. It is merely 20 percent. And the percentage of mothers, who suckles their babies up to the age of six months, is still low.

How to Maintain Baby hygiene

The infant mortality rate can also be reduced if the babies are breast fed. Breast feeding has multi benefits. On the one hand it protects the infants from attack of diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis, anemia etc. And on the other hand it eliminates the chance of mother being affected by breast or ovarian cancer later in life. Expert on the subject are of the opinion that if a baby remained close to mother and suckled her their skin to skin contact develop a bond between mother and baby.

Those junior students who are in group living needs more counseling about hygiene. The field observation shows that kids are not even washing their hands before taking the meal. They are found so much careless about their health and hygiene. There are many rooms for improvement in case of babies’ hygiene.

They do not take bath in time. Trimming the nails and getting hair cut are lacking with kids in group living like hostels. Reports of many national and international surveys show that mortality rate of babies can be reduced by paying good care of health and hygiene of infants and mothers. The education is also the key factor to be conscious about health and hygiene. In brief it can be concluded that being careful about the hygiene of the kid we can make their life happier.

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