Entrance Examination Result of GBS


Here is GBS Entrance Result

Gandaki Higher Secondary Boarding School

(Regional School)
Pokhara-16, Lamachaur Ph: 440398, 440958

Roll No.                  Name Roll No.                    Name
Class 5 Waiting List
5092 Saman Gurung 7076 Diwan Tamang
5003 Krit Thapa 7058 Bhison Krishna Shrestha
5060 Kanishka Poudel 7025 Samit Paudel
Waiting List 7146 Gautam Gurung
5107 Sharon Gurung Class 8
5029 Tison Bishwakarma
5082 Kritik Acharya 8030 Nischal Atreya
Class 6 8013 Aman Raj Poudel
6087 Akash Kumar Singh 8012 Ritesh Thapa
6116 Aayush Adhikari 8046 Aayusha Adhikari
6090 Shuvam Subedi 8071 Lucky Tilija Pun
6115 Ayushma Karki 8006 Saughagya Prasad Shrestha
6008 Sulav Poudel Waiting List
Waiting List 8045 Kunjal Adhikari
6095 Spandan Giri 8094 Adrin Paudel
6049 Binayek Banstola 8052 Prashant Tiwari
6081 Bidhan Gin Class 9
Class 7
7024 Safal Bhandari 9017 Kushal Paudel
7057 Swayam Poudel 9023 Ashwin Ghamal
7032 Bigyan Acharya 9014 Milan Chapagain
7002 Suyasha Sigdel 9061 Anima Thapa
7017 Sangam Poudel Waiting List
7007 Manashi Timilsina 9037 Ayush Bharti Thakali
7003 Sabin Bahadur Thapa 9042 Prezina Paudel
7116 Aananda Bastola 9050 Keshav Acharya


Please Note:

  1. Parents are requested to contact the school office on or before Friday, Chaika 26, 2072 and confirm their admission during school hour.
  2. False or incorrect information given in the application form may result in cancellation of the seat.
  3. Character certficate and mark-sheet (if not submitted with the application form) must be submitted at the time of registration on 9 Baisakh 2073.
  4. Failling to confirm the seat by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 26 Chaitra 2072, the vacant seats will be fulfilled from the waiting list.

Gandaki boarding school has its glorious history of 50 years of excellence in the domain of education. The regular intake is in class 4 and 11. While in other classes from 5 to 9 the school fulfills the vacant seat in each alternative year. This year also there were nearly 700 students competing for nearly 25 seats. It was a tough competition. The result of this entrance examination is attached here. We would like to Congratulate to all the successful candidates of this entrance exam. Wish you all best of luck in GBS life.

In this regard we would like to thank all my friends and relatives for kind cooperation. There was a big pressure of students this year. However the school administration was able to cope all this. So where ever you are or where ever you read please do your work sincerely. this is what we like to suggest all the students who are not able to bag the seat this time. Hence do your job honestly. Prove yourself that you are the best. Institution in not the end it is only the means. Many students from other institution have been reached in the top most level of their life.

GBS Entrance Result More Details.

Though most of the students were fit for Gandaki boarding school. But school is not able to manage it. There are limited seats in each class. So that school is not able to  admit all students. Hence it seems that there is need of well facilitated one more school in Pokhara area. Had it been one more alternative of GBS there will not be much pressure for Gandaki Boarding School. There are few organized institution in Pokhara area. So the investor in various other are suggested to invest in school and colleges in Pokhara. If it will be so in the days to come Gandaki Boarding School will not be much pressurized.

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