Israel Caregivers Written Exams Questions !!!

Israel Caregivers Written Exams Questions

Here is the collection of Israel Caregivers Written Exams Questions. This group of people will be facing two layers of exams namely written exam and interview.

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Israel in Details

Capital and Largest CityJerusalem
Official LanguageHebrew
Recognized LanguagesArabic
Ethnic groupsJews, Arabs and others
GovernmentUnilateral Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
PresidentIsaac Herzog 
Prime MinisterNaftali Bennett
Area20,770 – 22072 square Km

Israel Caregivers Written Exams Questions

Choose the correct answer from the given options.

1] What is the Capital city of Israel?

  1. Cairo                      b) Jerusalem                      c) Doha                                 d) Bangkok

2]  What is the dose of Zinc tab for the infant below two months?

a) 10 mg for 10 days        b) 5 mg for 10 days          c) 20 mg for 10 days        d) none of these

3] The easiest place to break the disease transmission cycle is

a) reservoir                         b) place of entry               c) mode of transmission d) susceptible host

4] Which is the pandemic causing virus?

a) type A                              b) type B                              c) type C                               d) any of above

5] What percent coverage is required to eradicate Measles?

a) 80 %                                 b) 90 %                                 c) 95 %                                 d) 100 %

6] Which disease is not caused by mosquito?

a) Dengue                           b) Encephalitis                   c) Filariasis                           d) Kalazar  

7] What is called the substance at the bottom of septic tank?

a) sludge                              b) scum                                c) effluent                           d) sullage

8] How long can ORS liquid be used?

a) 2 hours                            b) 8 hours                            c) 12 hours                          d) 24 hours

9] Rice is the good source of ………

a) Vitamin A                        b) vitamin D                       c) thiamin                            d) all of above

10] How much protein does a man need?

a) 1 gm/kg body weight                                b) 1.2 gm/kg body weight  

c) 2 gm/kg body weight                                 d) 5 gm/kg body weight  

11] Deficiency of which minerals causes mental health illness?

a) calcium                            b) zinc                                   c) iodine                              d) iron  

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Interview Questions

  1. Explain why you are best care giver.
  2. Describe your work history.
  3. What are the qualities of best caregiver?
  4. How will you manage difficult clients?
  5. What will you do if your replacing duty person did not arrive in time?
  6. How will you manage if your client starts slapping you?

Beside this we will provide more practice questions for the Israel caregiver written exam.

So for this you have to remain with us. If you have constructive suggestions, please leave them in the comment box.                

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