How to Learn Car Driving at Home

How to Learn Car Driving at Home

Many people are looking for Car driving Tips. In this article we give tips for “How to Learn Car Driving at Home”

How to Learn Car Driving at Home

First of all, you need passion to learn car driving. Hence you must know the basic information about the car. Here are few important parts of car that a learner must know.

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Do you Know ABC of a Car?

Well, ABC stands for accelerator, brake and clutch. In a manual car there are three levers in your foot. At the right-hand side, you have Accelerator, it is A. in the middle there is one paddle it is brake, B for brake. In the left-hand side, there is one paddle it is clutch, C for Clutch

How to Learn Car Driving at Home

A: Accelerator

B: Brake

C: Clutch

Step 1

In the beginning follow these steps for several time.

  • Remain in the driver seat of the car.
  • Keep the gear in the neutral mode
  • Insert the key in the ignition switch
  • Slowly turn the key clockwise
  • Now the car starts
  • Again, turn the key in the anticlockwise to switch of the car
  • Repeat it for many times to build the confidence.

Step 2

First sit in the driver seat of the car. Now remain comfortably in the seat. Keep the car in the neutral gear. Switch on the ignition key. The car is now in start mode. Press the clutch paddle fully. Now shift the gear lever to gear no 1. Slowly release the clutch and lesser than that press the accelerator. Practice it for several times.

Step 3

Driving is not a theoretical part. It is practical skill hence you must repeat the above items many times.

Similarly, you must collect the basic knowledge of car engine and how it works.

How to Change Car Puncture Tyre

One the way you may come across that your car Tyre is puncture. There is no any mechanic to help you. In such case you must work on it. You must replace the spare tyre. Here are the steps to replace puncture tyre from your car.   

  • Take out your Car Jack
  • Fix it in the strong plank of the car
  • Lift the car with the help of jack
  • Now turn out the tyre not bolts
  • Take out the flat tyre
  • Replace it by your spare tyre
  • Now tight the not bolts of the tyre
  • Down the jack
  • Drive your car ahead.

These are very basic items an amateur driver must know.

How to Clean Car at Home?

It costly to take the car every time to the car wash. Similarly, if you have leisure time then car washing can be a good physical exercise. Hence learn to wash your car yourself.

  • Remove the dirt remaining in the body of the car.
  • Take out the mats inside the car.
  • Wash them properly and keep it in the sun light.
  • Now use shampoo to wash the car
  • It cleans the car properly and gives shining to the car
  • If you have vacuum cleaner then use it to remove dust from the seat and other internal corners.

This much we talk about the driving car and washing it. If you want to learn more about car then leave your desire in the comment box below, we will address your questions in our up coming articles.

Always keep the phone number of your car service center. If have no options and your car is not working in such case you have to call your service center for the help.

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