How to Covert GPA to Percent !!!

How to Covert GPA to Percent

How to Covert GPA to Percent? We give formula for the conversion of grade to percent and vice versa.

National Examination Board publishes the SEE and SLC exams result in GPA. Students and parents may want to convert GPA to percentage. Here is a formula.

GPA to Percent Formula

It is a formula to convert SEE result from GPA to Percent and Percent to GPA.

How to Covert GPA to Percent

Use this formula to convert the GPA into percent. This is not the 100% correct conversion. However, it is almost close to the obtained marks in terms of percentage.

How to Covert GPA to Percent? Did you find the answer from this article>

We have attached the conversion formula at the end of this article. Hence do not skip the article go through it properly. During the article we give the ideas to use this formula to convert the obtained GPA into percent.

SEE New Grading System

The office of the controller of examination is going to implement the new grading system in the SEE exam result by this year. In fact, it was supposed to be implemented last year but due to several reasons it was not possible at that time.

But, office of the controller of examination Bhaktapur is now fully ready to implement this new grading system to the up coming SEE exam 2079 result.

SEE Result 2080 in New Grading System

This is the first batch of SEE to face the NG system in the SEE exam. If a student is unable to get minimum 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical then the result of that subject will be NG in the grade sheet.

For SEE students maximum two subjects they can appear for the chance exam. If a student gets NG in three or more than 3 subjects then such student cannot appear the grading improving exam that is supplementary exam.

SLC New Grading System

The grading system for SEE and SLC exams are same. But the class 12 students appearing SLC exam can retake as many subjects as they obtain NG. let us explain it in simple language.

In the past if a student obtains NG in three or more than 3 subjects then such students have to appear next year exempted group exam, they have to retake all subjects next year.

But according to the new provision class 12 board exam appearing students if they passed only one subject then they do not have to give the exam of that subject in the next year exempted exam.  

New Provision for Class 12

We are now sure that all the students and parents are clear about this new provision for SLC exam. It is similar to the universities level exams. Like in the proficiency Certificate level exams.

GPA to Percent and Vice versa

We have separate article in about it. Hence, we are not going to repeat all the content over here. Therefore, we kindly suggest our dear users to check it in our previous articles.

SEE Exam 2080 Result

The office of the controller is working hard to publish the secondary education exam result in time. Most probably NEB will publish the SEE exam result by the mid of June 2023.

As soon as the examination board publishes the result, we will notify our users via our official social media pages.

How to Check SEE online Result

SEE examination online result is available in the websites. Similarly, you can get the SEE exam result via IVR method. You can even get the SEE exam result by SMS method.

Some Official Sites for SEE Exam Result


Beside this there will be few other private websites for the online SEE result with grade sheet. We will upload the list of websites after NEB publishes it.

SLC Result 2080

The board exam at the end of class 12 is called SLC. In the past SLC was the board exam at the end of class 10. This is the new system after the amendment of education act in Nepal.

The national examination board Nepal is responsible to conduct the SLC exam. Hence NEB itself publishes the SLC result.

Since couple of years NEB is publishing class 12 board exam result for all faculties at a time. Hence it may take few days more for the result publication.

Otherwise, NEB used to publish the Science subject result at first then after other faculties.

How to Check Class 12 Board Exam Result

The process for the online class 12 board exam result is same as that of SEE. We have clearly mentioned the class 10 board exam result obtaining process above. Therefore, SLC students can follow the same for the board exam result with grade sheet.

It is the official website of Nepal Telecom for SEE results. Therefore, SEE students can download the SEE result with grade sheet from this website. It generally does not go down. Hence students will find easy to get result with grade sheet from this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see my 2079 result?

It is a common question. Many SEE appeared students search the answer of this question in the internet. Here we provide the step by step process to get online secondary education exam result.

How can I watch see results?

You can watch SEE exam results by three ways. Namely they are websites, IVR System and SMS method. We have already talked about all these methods in our previous articles. Hence we are not going to repeat the same over here.

Is see result 2079 published in Nepal?

SEE result will published by last week of June 2023. According to the source the final mark entry is going on in the office of the controller of examination. Hence students can expect the result in or around this date.

How can I check my NEB Class 12 result?

Similar to SEE exam results class 12 students can check their board exam result. NEB publishes the class 12 result by last week of August 2023. As soon as the result will be out we will notify our visitors via our social media pages.

Hence remain with us for SEE and SLC results with grade sheet.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the SEE and SLC appeared students for their upcoming board exams results.

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